The Original Recovering Attorney steps her big toe (and it’s big) back into the blogosphere!

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Thank you again, Meka!  Your one comment on December 9 (that I actually just discovered moments ago) has compelled me to write.  Out in this vast world of over 7 billion souls, one person, YOU, took the time out of your busy life to not only log onto the The Recovering Attorney blog but you actually COMMENTED………………

Why the almost 4 year silence?

The world, my World is such a different place since I last connected with my Dear Readers back in late 2011.  The singular,  most significant difference in my world since we last connected  (the reason why I put down my cyber-pen) is that my Precious Mother, my Rock, my Muse, my Best Friend ceased to exist in the world with me.

Since March of 2012 my world has not been the same.  Are the major parts of me “healed?”  Yes.  Have I continued to Live, Love, Travel, Enjoy, Laugh, Explore, Pray since March of 2012?  Yes.   Am I Happy and Grateful for all that I continue to have in my world?  Yes.  Do I appreciate all of the Friendships, Personal Growth and Life Lessons that I have experienced since March of 2012?  Yes.  But here is the rub:  Are the minor parts of me “healed?”  No.  And those minor parts will never oxidize, turn purple, develop a scab and heal over.

The hurt.  The invisible yet tangible open wound that is my lost—that unhealed minor part of me will (unfortunately) forever be open, fresh, swollen at the surface and tender to the touch.  But that’s okay.  That wound is not suppose to simply “heal over.”  That invisible wound, that hurt is proof (for me anyway) that She Lived, She Loved, She Laughed, She Explored, She Prayed and She is Painfully Missed.

And as Marci would often say to her only child:  “The Original Recovering Attorney (insert the Mommy, “pet” version of my actual name), it is what it is!”

“Yes it is, Mommy!”

Stay tuned for Part II of the world of The Original Recovering Attorney….Ha!


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The Original The Recovering Attorney is Back!

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Testing. Testing. 1. 2. 3.  “Yeah my mike sounds nice.”  “Check One.”

“Yeah my mike sounds nice.”  “Check Two…………”

See you in the morn, Ha!

The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) is here for your reading pleasure

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Hey Dear Readers!

The Recovering Attorney will be back soon!  Thanks for checking in on me over the past year.  It has almost been exactly a year since I’ve last connected with my Dear Readers.  Oh how I’ve missed the 3 of you (yes, you may laugh).

Stay tuned for The Recovering Attorney’s new launch, please.  See you real soon on the http://www.  Ha!

All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!  The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog ™.  2011-2012.

11/11/11, or Eleven/Eleven/Eleven and are you making wedding plans for 12/12/12?!!

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I am not into numerology at all.  Allow me to state that one more time:  I am.Not.Into.Numerology. Not.At.All.  I don’t believe that the symbols “0” through “9” numbers have any special meaning.  To me numbers are mere symbols created to count how many shoes I have in my closet.  Ha!

“Numbers” and their significance do not shape my world and or future actions.  For those who do believe in numerology–do you.  No hate from me!

As for me, I believe in a Higher Power.  I belive in Faith and I believe that all things are possible with the assistance, guidance, support and love of Jehovah God.  Okay.  Are we good?  Great!  With that said, this Recovering Attorney must admit that there is something just a teeny, wee bit unique about today’s date.

I mean really.  The fluidity of the numbers.  I urge you (if you may) to make a positive, special memory today.  Start your business.  Start that blog.  Do something (perhaps life changing) special today.  For you will always remember the date!  Happy Wedding Day to those taking advantage of today’s date and Happy Birthday to all of the newborns!

And most certainly Happy Veterans Day to our country’s past and present heroes.  We thank you for your service.

Have a great weekend,

The Recovering Attorney

P.S.:  This post contains 222 words (exclusive of this Post Script).  Any special meaning…222 after 11/11/11?????  I gotta look into this.  I joke I joke I tease I tease!

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Quote of the Day, or, Occupation is the New Occupation of Many

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You must be the change you want to see in the world…….

Mahatma Gandhi

The Occupy Movement is literally all over the map–from New York to Oakland to Atlanta–middle class America is fed up and they have decided not to take it anymore.  At this stage of their nascent movement the mission statement may not be clear and the manifesto has yet to be nailed to City Hall’s door, but “they” (college students and recent grads, community activists {am I the only one thinking that Barack Obama circa 1996 would have been in Chicago’s Grant Park with clipboard and possible bullhorn in tow????}, the unemployed, underemployed and those just tired of being sick and tired) are determined to be seen and heard by the ones that disseminate information to the 1%.  AND……..

I am not mad at them.  Occupy On!


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NEW POST ALERT, or, Yes, I am Back for Good (Whether you like it or not. Ha!)

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What better way to dip my big toe (and it is big) back into the blogosphere then to showcase a new exhibit coming to Atlanta!  Wait. For. It.—–Okay, you’ve waited long enough (some 11 days since The Recovering Attorney has made an appearance on the www.).  So I will keep you in suspense no more….

It’s Showtime At The Apollo in Buckhead!!! That’s right.  The world-famous Apollo Theatre is coming to Atlanta.  For this Harlem native it does not get any better.  Harlem, New York is in the A.  My two favorite cities (well, really New York and San Francisco are my 2 favorite American cities–but Atlanta can certainly hold its own).

If you are a Dear Reader you know of my undying love for my hometown in general and my village of Harlem specifically.

The Apollo Theatre brings back so many wonderful memories for me.  My grandfather, for a stint, served as a Manager for the Apollo. So for me that meant that the Apollo became a home away from home.  I danced on stage (I was a little girl) with “Wicked” Wilson Pickett (ask Mr. Google and yes, I am fast becoming a woman of a certain age), saw (from the wings) Al Green in his debut New York performance, I was up close in personal with Bill Withers and his guitar, I got on board the Midnight Train to Georgia with Atlanta’s own Gladys Knight and the Pips, I saw the Godfather of Soul on numerous occasions (front row center) and as you must or should know, American Idol has nothing on Amateur Night at The Apollo (in the late 80’s I believe that I witnessed every rendition of Micheal Jackson’s Billie Jean).

If you let me I will go on and on and on and on and on…….So here are the details.  If you are fortunate to call Atlanta home; or if you are passing through this winter, you can create your own fond Apollo Theatre memories:

What:  “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing:  How the Apollo Theatre Shaped American Entertainment

Where:  The Atlanta History Center, 103 West Paces Ferry Road, Buckhead

When:  Now through March 4, 2012

Info:  404.814.4000 or www.Atlantahistorycent.

It’s good to be back.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I will “see” you on Monday,

The Recovering Attorney

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The Recovering Attorney is Baacckk AND I don’t know if I should laugh or cry……

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I’m through for the day… Smh

AND I am out…..Ha!  or Sob!


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