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THIS IS THE RE-POST (in my 1990s DJ Voice): Random Things That Still Amaze Me, or, The Recovering Attorney Is Being Reflective Today

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As a woman of a certain age I have indeed experienced and seen some things…and by the Grace of God and Mr. Recovering Attorney’s commitment to his family–most of my experiences have been pleasant. And for that I am truly thankful.

But in spite of the above truth, there is not much “out there” that is shocking to me—been there done that and I have the tee shirts, magnets, snow globes, cancelled passports, photographs (most are ole school developed film photos, though), homes, vacation home, statement pieces, objet d’ art, and art, investments (oh, how I long for the days when I said investments and *smiled*), Mr. Recovering Attorney, Precious Children I &II, friends, The Dog, two scars (result of an outdoorsy childhood),_________, _____________, _______________ AND the memories to prove it.  Ha!

However, there are still some things out there, things that when I think about it, I say “wow, that’s so amazing……….

1.  The kindness of complete strangers.

2.  The need for people to be right when they are absolutely wrong!

3.  How people can forgive AND forget.

4.  A woman’s ability to endure 2 days and eleventy hours of labor, deliver (naturally) and within 24 hours wistfully speak of having more babies….

5.  A two-year old child’s penchant for  crying uncontrollably for  20 minutes (in the back of the car, no less) and a moment later the same child is fast asleep in her car seat with the sweetest smile on her face.

6.  The Internet.

7.  The election of our 44th President.

8.  The natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and the masterful engineering of the Eiffel Tower.

9.  Strangers  have paid me (very well, BTW), The Recovering Attorney, to help them solve some of their  life’s most perplexing problems (shhh don’t tell them that I still have my first baby doll (Mattel’s Baby Tender Love) and her traveling case in my closet and sometimes when I am feeling  a certain way, I will pull her out and just take a “whiff” and I am good again)!

10. The rich cultural history of the original Harlem Renaissance (soooooo much talent harnessed and unleashed in one neighborhood during one moment in time).

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Thoughtless Thursday, or, The Recovering Attorney is on “Probation” Today!

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My Dear Readers I have less then 24 hours until I am off “probation” for PWP (Posting While Preoccupied).  If you do not know of what I speak/write, please refer to my Post of July 27, 2011 (just scroll down, please).

Many Thanks,

The Recovering Attorney

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Wordless Wednesday, or, The Recovering Attorney Had Soooooo Many Typos in Yesterday’s Post That a Dear Reader Letter is Warranted!

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The Law Offices of The Recovering Attorney

The Symphony Building

1180 Peachtree Street,

31st Floor

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Practice Limited to Blogging, Recovering, Reconnecting & Re-Inventing.  Ha!

July 27, 2011

RE:  The Recovering Attorney, Esq. is “Owning It”

Dear “Dear Readers” of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm),

My Post of July 26, 2011 {please see Exhibit A–Off-Topic Tuesday} is/was an excellent aggregious example of “Posting While Preoccupied (hereinafter PWP).”  Though PWP is practiced by many on the http://www., I should have exercised the level of  restraint expected of an Officer of the Court (AND Editor of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm).  The reading public has a (reasonable) expectation of a (sufficient{ly}) typo-free super information highway and this Blog, The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) is/was hereby negligent in carrying out its/this fiduciary duty.

For the above  (should be criminal– though this is clearly a civil wrong) “offense” of PWP, I “sentence” me, The Recovering Attorney, to a true Wordless Wednesday and (perhaps) a probationary Thoughtless Thursday.

Respectfully Submitted,


Post Script:  Where is the love?  Just one, gentle (for I am sensitive about my @%&#!), constructive critique would have been nice.  Ha!



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Off-Topic Tuesday,or, What a Beautiful Sentiment from Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis

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Years ago when I was a second year law student working as a summer associate, a fellow summer associate, Theresa and I were casually chatting over lunch.  We started talking about actors, movies and the like.  Theresa went on to tell me that her all time favorite actors were Ruby Dee (born in Cleveland but fortunate enough to be raised in Harlem.  Ha!) and Ossie Davis.  I mean she went on and on about their political activism, their statesmanship, their silent dignity, courage and of course their great acting chops.  I nodded, smiled and I of course agreed with her 100%.  Theresa further stated that she would give almost anything to meet the iconic couple.  I mean Theresa just had to be their biggest fan!

At the time I did indeed recognize that the Davises were ‘all of that a bag of chips AND a cold Coke’—but because I was young(er) I did not grasp the magnitude of their reach because to me Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis were the neighbors a few homes over who would on occasion make a “guest” appearance at my aunt’s home where she (still to this day) would hosts our annual Fourth of July family reunion in New Rochelle, New York.  {SIDE BAR:  “New Row” is a special place for me—our family is 5 generations strong in New Rochelle and I have so many wonderful childhood memories. }  The Davis family and my aunt and uncle are 30 plus years neighbors on a beautiful street in New Rochelle.  My aunt and Ms. Dee have developed a strong relationship over the years–so I guess when the mood AND music would hit them, Ms. Dee and her husband would “party” with us for an hour or so at our family reunion and just as quietly as they would arrive–they would depart.  Good times!

But I share all of the above because I visited my local Borders yesterday (*sigh* farewell to the brick and mortar bookstore) and as I was browsing the aisles I came across the Davis’ joint biography and I happened upon these words……“cremation after a public ceremony, and then, into an urn.  A special urn, large enough and comfortable enough to hold both of our ashes.  Whoever goes first will wait for the other.  When we are united at last, we want the family to say goodbye and seal the urn forever.  Then on the side, in letters not too bold but not too modest either we want the following inscription…..Ruby and Ossie In This Thing Together.”

Nothing more to see here folks……Beautiful…..I am done.

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Desiree Rogers has Reconnected, Re-Invented and has Recovered, or, Do You think She is a The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) Dear Reader? Ha!

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The fit, fabulous and fashionable Desiree Rogers and her 21 year-old Yale University daughter Victoria sat down with Vogue to presumably discuss being fit, fabulous and fashionable at the age of 52 (the “Age Issue” of the August 2011 Vogue magazine– heck, if you looked like the willowy, fashion-forward Ms. Rogers wouldn’t you “hold court”). Rogers, the current CEO of Johnson Publishing Company ( publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines), has landed squarely on her perfectly manicured feet since leaving President Obama’s White House in 2010.

From the far and few Rogers interviews that I have been able to glean since her appointment as the first Black woman to hold the title of White House Social Secretary came to a premature end, it appears as if Rogers has embraced her recent past and like many would do in her position, she has decided to ‘move on’ with grace, dignity and uber-confidence.  I applaud Ms. Rogers’ strength.

I am sending Ms. Rogers an e-The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) tee shirt!  She has earned one:  She has Re-Invented, she has Reconnected and she has Recovered.  She remains Visible and Relevant AND she wears her “Statement Piece” well,–her chic, pixie hair cut.  Ha!

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Meet Harlem Resident and Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson—He’s (hopefully) Coming To A City Near You With FREE Food!

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Top Chef Master Marcus Samuelsson, the owner of the Red Rooster restaurant AND Harlem homeowner and resident is coming to a city near you!  Now, if you are a Dear Reader of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) you know that I have often posted about Samuelsson and the Red Rooster–so don’t sleep on this opportunity!

Samuelsson and other top chefs have signed on with Macy’s Culinary Food Truck/Culinary Council in an effort to bring their signature recipes and dishes to you……….curbside and for FREE!  Just saunter up to the food truck (if you have “issues” with food trucks I say if it’s Macy’s and Samuelsson–you should be juuusssttt fine–too much on the line to run a less than stellar food truck operation.  Ha!) window and you will be transported to culinary heaven with a true lunch-size portion of food.  Let’s hope that Samuelsson’s famous Yard Bird, Mac & Greens or Helga’s Meatballs are on the menu!

If you are feeling magnanimous, drop a $1 in the red box, the requested donation for the Feeding America charity and campaign.  I’ am thinking that’s a great deal!!!!

Here’s the itinerary:

Washington DC, July 29,  New York City-Harlem @ 126st and Riverside Drive from 12-4pm on July 31 and Chicago, August 26th.  Click onto the Events section of this LINK for complete listing of cities, chefs and locations:


The Recovering Attorney

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The Recovery Attorney Wants to Know: “Do You “Cocktail” Well?

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No matter your career or business–the legal industry (hello), movie making, social branding creating, interior design placement–it is still necessary for you to get out of the office, away from your desk and computer and get out there and do solid “face” time with the people in your industry.  You need to NETWORK!  However…….

From my perspective, there was a time in the 80s, 90s when networking was all about you purposefully getting out there and introducing yourself to the movers and shakers (do people still use that term?) in your industry.  There was a time when at an event, I would work a room making sure that I extended my hand and chatted up the important people–judges, law firm partners, bar association president and the like.  And if I did not “connect” with at least 5 important people, my night was a bust.

Well those were the old days!  Times have indeed changed.  And you may not agree with my approach, but I now view a networking event and a cocktail party in particular as an opportunity for the movers, shakers and king makers in your industry to get to know YOU.  That’s right.  When you enter the room–the industry cocktail party–these people should be wondering:  “Who is that?”  and “Why don’t I know her?!”

Here’s The Recovering Attorney’s guide (with a little help from A. Fields, author of The Making of a Social Climber) to get you noticed at an industry cocktail party/networking event:

1.  When Invited, Attend!  I don’t know how many events that I get invited to during any given week—legal events, art functions, exclusive grand openings, cocktail party previews for high-end homes new to the market ( 3 million dollar+ homes, really?—what marketing lists are we on?–I am flattered, but really?!), and blogger events are starting to come my way.  Don’t follow my lead–ATTEND these events if you wish to become a known entity in your little corner of the world!

2.  Not Invited?!  So there’s an exclusive (and aren’t they all exclusive–*sigh*) cocktail party/industry event and your name was left off the guest list.  What to do?  Track down the person in charge of press for the event (check website and click on to “press” or “contact” and you may locate a name or the PR agency ) and ask to be included.  If that approach fail, call around to your colleagues and ask to be the “And 1.”

3.  Arrive Looking Put Together for that Particular Event.  If it’s a gala and black tie is suggested—black tie it is.  If it’s an opening of an art gallery–for the most part, black-tie sooooo not necessary!  And if you feel that you can’t pull it off on your own, bring your uber-hip, uber-social friend.  People will be attracted to your area of the room!  Why do you think those celebrities of a few years back never left their homes without their dogs?  Two words–Attention.Seeking!

4.  Don’t Drink!  Yes, it’s a cocktail party but you are not required to drink.  Order a sparkling water with a lime.  Stay focused!

5.  Get Photographed!  Stand in groups of 3 or more.  Laugh.  Gesture.  Smile early and often. Trust me the photographer will find your group.  After all the host is in need of great pictures!

6.  Engage!  Put down the smart phone (and please, I beg you–don’t use your phone to snap your own personal photos–tacky!).  Engage with humans.  That’s why you went to all of the trouble to get invited!

7.  Business Cards!   Enough said.

8.  Don’t Close Down the Place!   Very important.  Arrive fashionably late and leave early.

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