About The Recovering Attorney

I am Jamene “Jaye” Weaver, a forty-something 5th generation Northerner (Manhattan’s Hamilton Terrace and Greenwich, Connecticut), living in a beautiful suburb of Atlanta with my husband (Mr. Recovering Attorney), two children (Precious Child I & II –PCI is matriculating at his Northern, Ivy-League, liberal, college and PCII is a rising high school student at her brother’s Southern, private, conservative college-prep day school alma mater), and a neurotic, yet oh so loyal Lab Mix (The Dog).

Though I am an attorney by training (and licensed in two states), six years ago I decided to forego the practice of law—I was tired of complete strangers walking into my office and expecting me to solve their problems–heck, I have my own problems! So I fired myself (I had a solo practice). This past winter I Chopped my hair off Big Time, retired my “mommy” SUV in favor of something a little bit more “me” . . .Yeah me! . . .

My blog, The Recovering Attorney, is the Un-Lifestyle, Un-Interior Design, Un-Mommy blog (on most days–after all, I am still an (over)indulgent mom AND a stylish woman). Subscribe. Read. Comment.  And let’s Recover, Reinvent, and Unwind together (Mr. Recovering Attorney has graciously granted this sabbatical–I have to at least look busy!). Help a sister out.   Ha!

Many thanks,

The Recovering Attorney


7 Responses to “About The Recovering Attorney”

  1. I love your blog! Very inspirational, especially to me…I’ve been an attorney for 2 years this May, and already feel like I need some recovering to do of my own. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Angela Hall-Richards Says:

    Alas, I found a blog written by a 40 something year old. Great! I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  3. Thanks, Angela! I hope that you will continue to read–I am happy we found each other:) Ok, now the pressure is on. Ha!

  4. Hey, Fallon! Don’t let this “woman of a certain age” disacourage you! Your young (I assume:), and there’s plenty of time for you to recover. Keep reading and commenting–when it’s time—you will be prepared. For now, enjoy the LAW, you’ve worked hard for that license. Thanks:)

  5. Great Blog!!! I am here by way of creoleindc.

  6. ctgalaw Says:

    I thought your name was familiar. Welcome. It’s like I already know you!

  7. I am liking what I am reading. I just subscribed!

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