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Savannah, or, Allow me to indulge on a Monday morn!

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Yes. I have been missing in action since late last week and all I can offer as an excuse is. . .Savannah must truly be one of America’s most historic, romantic and esthetically appealing (think architectural eye candy) city!  Oh and the weather—sunny—75-80 degrees in February!  Southern cuisine and low country seafood boils–gourmet, handmade hot pralines—more art galleries per capita than any other city— it does not get any better, Dear Readers.  Swooning and Fainting I did.

Though I have visited Savannah on many occasions, I never, ever bore with its appeal.  However, for the past two years, we have visited Savannah with a purpose:  Precious Child II, for the second year in a row, auditioned for and won a place in the prestigious All-State Chorus.  Chorale singers from all over the state gather in Savannah for a weekend of master classes conducted by this country’s most prolific chorale conductors and composers.  At the Savannah Civic Center,  the weekend culminates with a day of beautiful concerts performed by the various choirs.

Needless to say, Mr.Recovering Attorney and I are very proud of Precious Child II’s musical accomplishments.  Our singer and pianist is not yet in high school(she was just a mere 10 years old when she started touring!)  and she has already toured and performed in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Ireland, throughout the South and at important Atlanta venues (Atlanta’s Dogwood Festival-main stage, Spelman’s Sister’s Chapel, The Rialto, Atlanta’s Symphony Hall and Eddie’s Attic—the stage where  John Mayer, Justin Biber, Sugarland, Indigo Girls and others have gotten their start).  Oh, last year she was inducted into  The International Thespian Society. 

She plays the piano, compose her own music, sight-read, can sing chorale, jazz, roots and contemporary music beautifully and yet she does not want to be a performer!  Though she plans on attending the joint Juilliard-Columbia University program (always thinking big), she is going to study medicine and become an ob-gyn.  She has stated that music will always play an important role in her life (Mr. Recovering Attorney and I are thinking college scholarship, now).  We are certain that her interest in music will last throughout her high school years. College scholarship, please?    We are not greedy.  Does not have to be full ride scholarship.  Mr. Recovering Attorney and I will take a quick ride around the block scholarship. Ha!

I love this child!  She is her own person and I applaud her for knowing what she wants, not compromising and going for it.  I don’t see a need for “recovery” in this child’s future!  

Thank you Dear Readers for allowing me to indulge.  In return I will share with you pictures from Savannah.  Look for them tomorrow in “Off-Topic Tuesdays.”

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The Tale of a Most Successful “Recovery”

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I’ve said it so many times and here I go again:  I started this blog/journey on January 11, 2011.  It was the snow and ice storm that stopped the “city too busy to hate” right in its tracks and led me to my laptop to reach out to the world.  Translation:  Mr. Recovering Attorney, Precious Child II and The Dog had conspired to drive me crazy and I had to “talk” to others!

 I have been reading and lurking around blogs for about three years now.  Through my daily readings I have seen bloggers come and go and  I have seen bloggers set goals and meet them.  I am always that booster in cyber space cheering them on.  I have come to “know” their families, friends and more importantly their hopes and dreams.  To me that’s special.  That’s the world of blogging!

However, according to  the The New York Times, blogging is  going the way of My Space and VHS.  The Times stated that  younger bloggers are far too busy to sit down at the computer and post lengthy missives.  Now don’t think that younger bloggers are done with sharing their every thought and movement with the world.  Oh no.  They  have moved on to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.  Get in and get out.  No need to post  a video to a blog when you can do that on a smart phone.  The Times went on to state that if this trend continues, the blogosphere will be dominated by “people of a certain age.” That’s  okay.   We loooove blogging according to The Times and we are not going anywhere.  Ha!  Well at least some of us are here to stay.

On February 11th I clicked on to one of my favorite blogs.  Favorite not because of the blog’s content, though the content was great.  Favorite because I “watched” this blogger celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary, I “watched” her summon the courage to step down from her comfortable corporate position.  I “watched” her state that she was going to invest in herself and I “watched”her state that she was ready to re-invent herself and make a new career and Brand from this blogging thing.  And over the past 5 years (I started reading in year 3)  she did just that.  First she hired a publicist and got the word out.  She even “hired” interns!   She started to make appearances around Atlanta as her “new” self—a lifestyle brand and expert.  Local glossy publications promoted her and her efforts.  She has won blog awards, she has sponsored “meet-ups” in hip, trendy, eateries.  She adopted a signature look.  She has sponsored lifestyle outings and restaurant “crawls” in Atlanta and other major cities.  She self-published a novella about her personal re-invention and most recently she founded and held a successful, first of its kind 3 day Lifestyle Blog Conference here in Atlanta. 

So it was on February 11th that I clicked on to see what one of  my favorite bloggers was up to next.  And there it was in a 4 sentence statement:  “Adieu to all of my readers.  Thank you for your support. . . .”   In essence, she accomplished what she wanted to with her blog and she was ready to move on to bigger and better things!  She said that we will be hearing from her soon and I am sure that we will.  Look out Martha and B.Smith, The Broke Socialite is nipping at your Louboutins!   Though The Broke Socialite and I were formally introduced and we have been at the same Atlanta events—her step-son and Precious Child I are prep-school buddies, I certainly will not be invited to the launch party of her lifestyle show on the OWN Network!  And that’s fine. 

I wish her a continued successful “recovery” and I soooooo look forward to seeing her in all media!  I started my blog on January 11, 2011;  The Broke Socialite said adieu on February 11, 2011.   Perhaps the passing of the torch?  We will see!

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JURISTA, Esq!!!!

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If my calculations are correct, Jurista, one of my Dear Readers, sat for the bar exam today!  Wow.  That’s major guys!  Law graduates spend countless and endless nights and days in preparation for the bar exam.  For 2-3 months all things take a back burner.  Spouses, children, friends. . .they are on their own until after the bar.  So after Wednesday (the bar is a 2 day ordeal process), Jurista will be free from the worry and anticipation of the “unknown.”  

Good Luck to you, Jurista!  I am cheering for you.  I know that I will soon be able to refer to you as Jurista, Esq.  Ha!

Off-Topic Tuesday, or, “Stash It” or “Trash It”

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Dear Readers if you have been with me from the start (January 11, 2011 to be exact), you know that this blog is the un-lifestyle, un-mommy, un-interior design blog.  My blogosphere peers handle those subjects with great aplomb, wit, style and grace.  Y’all (my adopted/affected southern vernacular.  Ha!) don’t need my daily additional two cents.  So thank you fellow lifestyle, mommy, interior design and celebrity gossip (my guilty pleasure—don’t judge me.  Ha!) bloggers because I am indeed a fan/lurker!  

My goal with The Recovering Attorney is to provide an atmosphere where Dear Readers of a certain age (me and possibly you), Dear Readers who are at a career or personal life crossroad (me and possibly you), Dear Readers who are rediscovering or just discovering who they are and what they want out of life  (me and possibly you), Dear Readers who are on the verge of “big things” (me and possibly you—we can dream can’t we!) can come to, un-wind, learn, share and grow together.   If you breathe —you live, dream, discover and re-discover.  So all are welcomed here!

How.Ever.  On Tuesdays all bets are off.  We dispense with The Heavy.  We go off-topic and we keep it “Recovery Lite.”  And on some Tuesdays we actually surf the Internets  and  ask:  “Stash It” or “Trash It.”  So engage.  This can be a fun exercise in frivolity!

Disclaimer:  I will not weigh in on the “Stash It” or “Trash It” features.  I have no stake or stock  in any of the items.  I  simply love accessories!  So feel free to express yourself.  That’s what we are all about here.  Thanks!!!

Alexander McQueen Floral-Wedge T-Strap Sandal                      Dior Homme - Perforated Leather Ankle Boots

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My Identity Revealed or, Visit GoodEnoughMother for more info!

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Today Dear Readers my answers to the wonderful and witty Rene Syler’s, aka the GoodEnoughMother, Life Lessons questions will be featured on her web blog .  For me,  answering the poignant, “make you think” questions was a fun exercise in growth and continued self-discovery (sounds a little cliché ish, but it’s true).  And that’s what we are all about here at The Recovering Attorney.  Right?! 

I think that you will find my responses revealing (I even believe that a picture of me, The Recovering Attorney, will be posted with my answers.  Ha!)  I have never shared so openly before–courage at the keyboard I guess.  Heck, I was surprised with my honesty.  But Rene is so open and “raw’ (in the good way) that you find yourself falling right in line.  I call it the “GEM Effect.”  So please visit and engage there and come back here and tell me what you think.  Thanks!

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“Rock It Don’t Stop It…” or, the UnInvisible Woman

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“They” (I know.  Who are “they?”  When I find out I will reveal their identities in a blog post) say that women of a certain age (“cough,”cough” women over 40) become “invisible” to men specifically and to everyone in general (think mass media, designers, etc.).  Kind of like Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man (note to self:  re-read Invisible Man), but not that heavy.  Thank God.

We walk into trendy shops and cafes and we make sure that our gorgeous, charming, oh-so noticeable children are leading the way, less we disappear.  We half  jokingly “beg” our child (ahem. . . Precious Child I) to buy an extra ticket for the upcoming Common concert (of course he didn’t—good for PCII) in an effort to stay relevant.  We consider, just consider getting that small, delicate butterfly tattoo on our right inner ankle and then we remember that we have preached repeatedly to our children that our body is a temple and we are not to disfigure it (piercing of the ears for Precious Child II. Ok.  piercing of the belly for Precious Children.  Not ok.).  And we use all of the energy left in us to not succumb to those seemingly comfortable “mom jeans.”  

Now if you do indeed wish to age gracefully and in comfort and be left alone to read (a hardcopy of course) the Sunday paper on Sunday morning, do not wish to tweet, use Facebook, or learn how to cut and paste on your laptop then this post isn’t for you.  And that’s ok.  We will meet up in another post real soon.  However, for those of us who refuse to socially disappear I encourage you to continue reading. 

Hey.  I refuse to disappear.  I put in some good, hard work to reach this point in my life healthy, comfortable, and relatively sane.  I did not party too hard in my twenties, I got my degrees, I married well,  I am raising my children, I did not indulge and or engage in the “Studio 54” lifestyle in any way, shape or form(those of you who came of age in the 80’s know of what I speak.  For all others, ask Mr. Google!), I was not a major sun worshipper (save for my 2 week annual sojourns to Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival—I was in my teen and young adult years and SPF was not in my lexicon) and at a young age, I figured out that Ronald McDonald was not my friend.  So in summary:  The skin, weight, body, teeth, hair ( though I am not loving the gray), blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels; mental clarity are all great.  Soooooooo . . .

If you are like me and I suspect that many of you are, then stand up and refuse to be invisible too.  On a Friday evening, go out with your spouse (or spousal equivalent)—perhaps a movie and dinner.  On Saturday morning instead of running carpools and attending a child’s sporting event, reserve a Saturday a month for getting that mani-pedi, facial or full spa day experience.  Saturday evening—take in a concert, go to the theater (my favorite, favorite, favorite place to be when I am outside of my home— the theatre (guffaw!)—I love being entertained).  Sunday morning—go for a run—visit your city’s art museum.  We only have one art museum in my adopted city.  We have been so often that Precious Child I & II know the names of the donors of the permanent collections.  Oh how I miss NYC! 

 In essence, every thing that you are currently doing that is aiding in your disappearance, assisting you in becoming invisible (running errands every Saturday morning in those comfortable “carpool clothes”, coming straight home to park in front of the television or computer screen on a Friday evening, etc. )  STOP IT!  Buy your own Common ticket; pick up a ticket for your spouse.  Don’t commit to a permanent tattoo when you want to be “fierce and funky” on a Saturday night, get a high quality temporary tattoo. 

What am I doing to stay visible?  When Mr. Recovering Attorney invite me out for a night on the town (translation:  fine dining.  My husband is a foodie.  Me, not so much.  I’d rather be entertained.  But hey, it’s a free meal and children are generally not involved), I now say yes early and often!  When Mr. Recovering Attorney suggest that I join him in NYC (business related), I am there!  Before (like  6 months ago—this is all new to me–I am in “recovery”), I would find excuses not to meet him (Precious Child I & II usually the excuse).  No longer Dear Readers.  In fact, just this past weekend, Mr. Recovering Attorney called home and suggested that we fly down to the Bahamas for the weekend (No, he was serious!  Really).  I was so there (mentally I was).  Precious Child I is off at college, Precious Child II is old enough to stay with her grandparents without needing  much preparation.  But I had to say no.  Why?  We had to attend the annual arts gala auction last weekend—I am on the board and days earlier I sent out an e-mail imploring all board members to attend.   Mr. Recovering Attorney loathes this annual ritual and was really trying hard to get out of attending (he figured out that a trip to the Bahamas was easier on his wallet then my bidding at the auction—I am so competitive).  He was really testing my new live- in- the- moment attitude.  I failed miserably.  He did promise a make-up test.  Ha!

I am tall, I “own” the space  between my two front teeth, as of September, I am “rocking” and loving my new kinky, curly, coils and I have parked my SUV (mom car) in favor of my shiny, black European convertible.  I am hard to miss I tell you!  I will not be socially invisible and I will not be ignored.  I think “they” call it a mid-life crisis.  But heck, I own that too!

How are you going to not disappear this weekend?

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Reinvention Connection, or Let Us Eat Cake

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What would you do to save your home from foreclosure?  Would you hold a massive garage sale?  Would you take in borders?  Would you sell cakes?   Would you sell apple cakes to be more specific?   Well,  Teaneck, New Jersey homeowner Angela Logan did and continue to do just that!  The name of her cakes, Mortgage Apple Cakes.  When faced with a foreclosure notice and a back mortgage bill of over $4000, Ms. Logan had what I call her “reinvention connection.”  It was at that point that she made up her mind that she was not going to lose her home of 20 plus years for a mere four-thousand dollars.  So she set a goal of selling 100 cakes in 10 days at $40 per cake.  With the help of family, neighbors, friends and the local media, her goal was met.

Prior to mortgage cake baking, Ms. Logan and her family lived a life well planned, however, with the The Great Recession knocking at her door in 2009, she found herself without many alternatives.  She asked her family if they thought that the selling of her family approved apple cakes would be a good idea to raise the $4000.  The family without flinching said a resounding , yes.  And so a home has been saved, self-esteemed has been raised, and a business was born.  So in  year two of Mortgage Apple Cakes, Ms. Logan has been featured on CNN, FOX News, she has made guest appearances at national conventions aimed at women of a certain age and I am sure that she is in the process of reinventing herself.  WOW! 

birthday cake sample

Perhaps Grandma has not left you a Leah Chase worthy award-winning recipe, but that does not mean all is lost.  Look in your treasure trove of talents, gifts and desires.  I know of a former corporate type who confessed to the readers of her blog her life-long desire to make movies.  So what did she do?  She entered film school a few years back and now she is writing, producing and directing movie shorts all under the auspices of her own production company!  Along with her spouse she now travels the country entering her films in well-regarded festivals.  In fact, she has interned with Spike Lee, traveled to Cannes and has even won film awards.  She did all of this in a period of less than 5 years!  And yes, she too is a woman of a certain age!  I also know of a woman who quit her corporate job to focus on her blog.  Well focus she did.  As of this week she has bid farewell to her blog persona because she is now a bona fide “brand.”  Lifestyle Brand to be exact.  She has founded a 3 day lifestyle blog conference, she has sponsored and founded events that take place in major cities, she has written a book and has probably done a lot more of which I am not privy to at the moment!  But given her tenacity and ambition, I am sure that we will all hear about her next successful moves!  I am personally cheering on this blogger turned “brand.”  Her step-son and Precious Child I are prep school buddies (you know that old-money, conservative, southern prep-school, yes, that one)!

I can go on and I am sure that many of you have your own personal tales of reinvention.  For some this “opportunity” to reinvent yourself was born out of necessity.  For others, such as myself, this opportunity to reinvent was by choice.  Whatever the reason, now is the time to reimagine your future.  I don’t know about y’all, but that’s what I am doing.   Ha!  Tell us your stories, share your desires, let us grow and reinvent together!

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