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The www. and WordPress are just not cooperating today!  The black and white photo of the young boy below is of George Junis Stinney, Jr.  1920-1944.

He was 14 years old.  6 months. and 5 days old whereby making young George the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th century.

In a Columbia, South Carolina prison sixty-six years ago, guards walked a 14 year old boy, Bible tucked under his arm to the electric chair.  At a mere 5’1 and 95 pounds, the straps (made for an adult, presumably) did not fit his adolescent legs.

The switch was pulled and the adult-sized “death mask” fell from his face allowing those in attendance at the state ordered execution

please tune in on Thursday, Dear Readers.  Again, as you can see, I am having www./Wordpress difficulties!!

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This Is What I am Aiming For…….And The Body, Too!

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I can finally, without judgement, shame, embarrassment or a psycho-social examination, covet *Barbie’s HAIR!  And, yes, I am a little late to the party. . .the Barbie Natural Hair doll has been on the market for a minute now.  But BIG natural HAIR is soooo me–just give me one more year {of my natural hair journey} and you won’t be able to tell The Recovering Attorney from the Natural Hair Barbie (body not included)…And though…..

I have not visited a toy store, ventured down the toy aisles of my local big box store or spent the day in the American Girl Store  and Cafe (we looove the 5th Avenue store in New York City and their field greens salad–the Atlanta version, not so much) since Precious Child II needed me to hold her hand while she crossed the street (*le sob*), this Barbie just might change all of that.  Ha!

Have a great Monday, Dear Readers,

The Recovering Attorney

PS:  *I think that’s a Barbie doll???

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Wordless Wednesday on Thursday, or, Where in the World…..?

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Where in the world can you find the largest cathedral in the world…..

……AND the burial-place of a United States president and his wife…..

……AND the summer home of the first United States Secretary of the Treasury…….

…..AND the home of two United States National Parks……..

…..AND the current business office of a (recent) former United States president…..

……AND the home of a world-class Ivy League university…….

…..AND a majestic, iconic suspension bridge that links this neighborhood with another state; bears the name of a former United States president…

AND I can go on and on and on and on…..there’s so much history and there’s so much to absorb in this one small neighborhood of the Village of HARLEM, NEW YORK, of course.  Ha!

Here’s the cheat sheet to the above photos:

1.  The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

2.  Grant’s Tomb, the burial site of President Grant and his wife

3.  Hamilton Grange, the summer home of the first Secretary of the Treasury, West Indian born (rumored to have an African bloodline), Alexander Hamilton

4.  Grant’s Tomb and Hamilton Grange (Hamilton Terrace/Heights is The Recovering Attorney’s former hometown neighborhood) are designated United States Parks

5.  Upon leaving office, former President Bill Clinton established his office (many say that President Clinton’s choice of Harlem started the unofficial gentrification of Harlem–some are pleased and many long-time residents are not–*sigh*) on Harlem’s historic 125th Street (my uncle’s architectural firm designed the building)

6.  Columbia University (I spent 4, six-week academic summers as a “gifted” high school student in Columbia’s Furnald dorms–good times!)

7.   Though not pictured, our current president, while a student at Columbia, lived at 142 West 109th Street in Harlem

8.  George Washington Bridge

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A Passing: Wangari Maathai

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Wangari Maathai

“The top of the pyramid is blinded by insatiable appetites backed by scientific knowledge, industrial advancement, the need to acquire, accumulate and over consume.  The rights of those at the bottom are violated every day by those at the top.”  Wangari Maathai, London, 1988

Wangari Maathai, 71, died of ovarian cancer Sunday in a Nairobi hospital.  Maathai is best known for creating the Green Belt Movement in the 1970s, which among other notable accomplishments, has planted tens of millions of trees around Kenya.  She was the voice of environmentalism in Kenya and beyond.  Her focus was the improvement of the lives of women and the building of sustainable relationships between people the land and education.

For her noble efforts, Maathai was awarded the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize.  The first African woman to win the coveted prize.  It seems like it was just yesterday when Maathai drew the attention of the world stage.

The beautiful Black woman with the beautiful white smile and distinctive accent–graciously, yet with a sense of purpose (and opportunity to accomplish more), accepting her Prize and Place as an advocate for Black women across the diaspora.

If you have a moment, please read the Wikipedia entry of this great woman


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Singer Mary “Vesta” Williams Has Died

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Vesta Williams, 53, the sultry R&B singer of the 1980s and 1990s was found dead in an El Segundo, California hotel room yesterday.  The cause of death has not been determined.

Vesta (along with Phyllis Hyman, Regina Belle and Miki Howard) never received the acclaim and commercial success worthy of her great talent.  Her hit, Congratulations, the anthem of the long-suffering woman scorned, along with its companion video was a huge hit and a crowd favorite.

So young and so talented.  My prayers and sympathies to her family.

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The Autumnal Equinox, or, How Do You Know It’s Fall?

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How do I know that it’s officially Fall?

No, I don’t check my calendar.

No, I don’t take notice of the premature falling leaves.

No, it’s not because it’s time for the annual Taste of Atlanta, Atlanta’s premier “foodies” event.

I know that it’s Fall because…………………..

………..this morning I saw my first Puffs Plus commercial of the Season.  Ha!


Have a great weekend, Dear Readers and Happy Fall,

The Recovering Attorney


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Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

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Etna, New Hampshire

The Connecticut River Valley, New HampshireVermont mountains

New Hampshire Center Hall Colonial on the Village Square

Home of the Celtics and Bruins

Trinity Church, Boston’s Back Bay Neighborhood

Homeward bound

As promised, here are a few pics from my recent visit to New England.  Mr Recovering Attorney and I flew into Boston and enjoyed a scenic drive north to Vermont and New Hampshire.

The time spent together was serene and refreshing.

We ate tons of fresh-picked New Hampshire apples, purchased gallons of Vermont maple syrup (Precious Child II is a maple syrup connoisseur–I must truly love that child–I had to check my carry on luggage to get that syrup to her!), dined at the “polished casual” Murphy’s on the Green in the Upper Valley and took a quick tour of Boston in general and the Back Bay neighborhoods of Boston specifically (Beacon Hill and Copley Square are soooo The Recovering Attorney.  Ha!).

Though the pictures are not my best work; the pictures in no way capture the essence of our short vacay–a good time was certainly had by all!

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