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The Recovering Attorney is putting herself out there, and, she’s sensitive about her stuff (in my Erykah Badu voice)!

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I did it!  No.  I did not locate and close on that Harlem brownstone (Precious Child II is a rising high school freshman–a few more years until the nest is fully empty).  I just joined the club that I believe as of last count has a 5 billion person membership list.  Yes. I am the 750 million+ 1 member of the ubiquitous Facebook family!  I vowed that I would never join–but yet, here I am (*happy sigh*).  But like Justin said:  Never Say Never.

Now you can “follow (whatever that means)” The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) on Facebook .  “Like Me” (?) “Follow Me” (?) —-“Hello, my name is The Recovering Attorney, and I am social media challenged.”  There.  I said it.  You know that I am all about “ownership” and full disclosure!  So.  No.  I don’t have a neat, professional looking lower case “f” to the right of this post. If you look over you will see my “janky” “Link to Like The Recovering Attorney” section (I am working on the technical difficulties).  So, please click on over and make it official–let’s update the status of this relationship.  It’s not complicated.  Ha!

In the meantime Dear Readers, enjoy ( and have a safe) your 4th of July holiday.  The Recovering Attorney will be gone for a few days–enjoying great music and even better food– Essence Music Festival–here we come!

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Wordless Wednesday, or, “They Call Me Madame Walker!”

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Madame CJ Walker, born in 1867, the daughter of former slaves from rural Louisiana, a poverty-stricken 7-year-old orphan who worked the cotton fields of Mississippi, later a 14-year-old bride, 17-year-old mother and 20-year-old widow–and in spite of her previous pedigree, lived the ultimate Horatio Alger story  to become America’s first self-made woman millionaire.

Sarah Breedlove as she was known before the world came to “know” her, is credited (some historians will assert that Marjorie Joyner was the true originator–perhaps a “The Recovering Attorney History Minute” is in order for Madame Joyner) with creating the Black hair care and cosmetic industries–forever “altering” the way Black people across the diaspora groom and style their hair.  Her efforts, confidence, tenacity, and endurance made her a trailblazer and a force to be reckoned with.  And love her “hair altering” hustle or not, she has certainly earned a place in American history.  For not only did she create what is  a present day billion dollar industry, she amassed generational wealth, became a  national leader, a society maven, philanthropist; patron and cultivator of the arts.

Where Madame CJ Walker left off, her daughter, the Harlem Renaissance socialite, A’Lelia, triumphantly and with grace picked up the mantle in high style, conspicuous consumption, and with literary flourish.  More on A’Lelia in a later post.  But for now, let us take a peep inside the early 20th century world of one Madame CJ Walker.  And yes.  There is ALWAYS a Harlem connection!



1.  Villa Lewaro, Irvington, NY, country estate of Madame Walker, designed by Vertner W. Tandy, New York State’s first Black registered architect, circa 1919

2.  Pool, Villa Lewaro

3.  Villa, today, asking price upwards of 6 million dollars

4.  Villa, 1919 

5.  Villa, today

6.  Villa, today

7.   Villa, today

8.  Villa, today

9.  Villa, today

10.  Villa, “Walker Agents, ” 1919

11.  Harlem Townhouse (and personal residence) with adjoining Salon, 136th Street and Lenox Avenue, circa 1900s

12.  Interior, Harlem Townhouse

13.  Harlem Townhouse

14.  Bedroom, Harlem Townhouse

15.  Harlem Townhouse, Madame’s car and driver

16.  Salon, Harlem Townhouse

17.  Early Manufacturing Plant

18.  Walker Salon

19.  Walker Manufacturing Building, 1930

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Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Who Would Really Want To Leave?!

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Real Off- Topic (I think??)….perhaps not.  Please read on!

As we all know, the daily, afternoon Soap Opera is going the way of Myspace, Beta AND VCRs, Blockbuster’s, and McMansions (not media related, but I just had to state the obvious–BTW–*psst* “I know someone who will be readying their McMansion for the “market” sooner than later.”  Ha!).  And for many Soap Opera adherents this is devastating news.  I understand, I can relate and I feel for those fans.  Because if we were to travel back into time, to say  1983ish and someone told me that General Hospital  was to be No.More.  I would certainly be done (for  10 mintues and then I would have moved on–that’s just my personality)!

Well, if Soap fans are feeling the burn, you can only imagine how the Soap actors are taking the news.  Heck, they have mortgages to pay, private school tuition checks to write and summer sojourns to take (this is getting personal).  Just ask the cast of All My Children.

It was 2 years ago that ABC moved AMC’s production/shooting to Los Angeles from the Upper West Side of Manhattan in an effort to stream line  cost (we all know how dreadfully expensive the City is).  But as my Great Uncle said often:  “A day late and a dollar short.” And too little.  Too late (I say that often).  Pine Valley will soon become a ghost town and Erica Kane aka Susan Lucci (like many of us) will have to Recover, Reconncet and Reinvent (it’s always better when life does not force you to Recover, Reconnect and Reinvent–I am just saying)–join and welcome to the Club, Ms. Lucci!

Well we may have to offer AMC actor Cameron Mathison (to AMC fans–Ryan Lavery) a membership as well.  Mathison, a former Harlem resident, in 2009, attempted to sell his Central Harlem brownstone when he received the news of his corporate transfer.  But because it was 2009 (the pop of the Big Bubble was heard all around the world), and Mathison was asking 2.7 million dollars he had no takers.  So like any smart homeowner who is unable to sell, he added landlord to his CV.

Fast forward (back) to 2011.  AMC has been cancelled and Mathison is looking to cash out and perhaps scale back.  And oh lucky day for Mr. Mathison!  A buyer has been secured, the contract is signed and I am pleased to announce for the Mathison clan, a closing is not far off in the future.  But really.  Who would ever want to leave Harlem?!

photos from Ulysses, Harlembespoke

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The Recovering Attorney’s History Minute–Meet New York City AND Harlem’s first Black Police Officer

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1941 photo of the 6’3, 280 pound Battle- “Big Sam”

Here proudly stands Samuel Jesse Battle.  New York City’s first black police officer.  Battle was born in 1883 in North Carolina to parents who were former slaves.  But oddly enough, Battle’s first claim to fame had nothing to do with being appointed New York City’s first black police officer—his first time in the spotlight had all to do with his birth –he weighed in at 16 pounds–the biggest baby on record born in North Carolina.


On June 28, 1911, a century  ago, Battle was appointed to the New York City police force.  He became the first black sergeant in 1926; the first black lieutenant in 1935, and the City’s first black parole commissioner in 1941.Being sworn in as a member of  the Parole Commission

Though on the record, the Police Department considers Wiley G. Overton, who was sworn in as a police officer by the City of Brooklyn in 1891, as its first black officer—{this was before the City of Brooklyn merged with New York City in 1898}.  But Police Officer Battle was indeed the first black person appointed to New York City’s combined 10,000 member force.

Officer Battle was a Harlem resident and was a known and admired fixture on Harlem’s busy streets and boulevards.  But in spite of the love he received from Harlem’s black shopkeepers, homeowners and residents—not surprisingly, Battle’s fellow officers took umbrage with his employment.  However, in 1919, it was Officer Battle who dashed into a crowd of rioters on 135th Street and Lenox Avenue to save a fellow white officer.  That act of bravery won Battle the respect of his white co-workers.  And in 1935 it was Battle who quelled a riot in Harlem that was ignited by an arrest of an alleged 16-year-old shoplifter.  Word spread through Harlem that the 16-year-old was fatally beaten by the white shopkeeper.  It was Battle who found the boy (alive and well).  He had the boy photographed smiling and then circulated the picture of the boy throughout Harlem neighborhoods.  Battle served the NYPD until 1941.  He remained in Harlem (of course he did!) and was known as a Harlem leader who helped to organize Boy Scout troops and after school programs.  He died in 1966 at the age of eighty-three.135th and Lenox Avenue, 1941

In 2009, the Harlem intersection of 135th Street and Lenox Avenue was named Samuel Jesse Battle Plaza.  The same intersection where Battle rescued his fellow white officer in 1919.  New York City furthered recognized Battle’s service to the police force and city by hanging a plaque bearing his image at Harlem’s 32nd Precinct.

And of course Samuel Jesse Battle Plaza will be a stop on The Recovering Attorney’s historic Harlem Renaissance Tours.  I will keep you posted.  Ha!

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Welcome to the Ritz Hilton, or, The Recovering Attorney Is In Heavy Reinventing Mode!

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The other day I was taking a leisurely stroll through the blogosphere and as I was reading the comments (readers’ comments are sometimes the best feature on some blogs–right!?) left by witty readers  I noticed a theme:  As a compliment to the blogger, a reader will combine the names of two famous people as an homage to the talents of the blogger.

Allow me to explain–there’s a blogger who has branded herself as a lifestyle and social maven and yes, she has the confidence, courage and talents to lay claim to her brand.  The moniker given to her by a clever reader–Martha Winfrey!  Cuuuute.

Here are others that I have coined:

“Samuel Washington”–for that aspiring dramatic actor who is gifted with the flare for yelling profanities at the top of his lungs!

“Hoda Lee”–for the blogger who has the gift of gab and who does not take herself too seriously!

“Stevie Richie”–for the talented blogger who is known for his ability to pen songs that will someday become the soundtracks of my grandchildren lives!

“Thurgood Cochran”–for my colleague, my peer, who courageously, zealously take advocating for a client to a different level (you’ve read that blog)!

“Dr. Phil Oz”–for the newly minted doctor (*ahem* my niece) who has a 5 year plan to go from practicing physician to a medical media darling (my niece is telegenic and very smart–I think she’s on her way)!

“Langston James Hurston”–for the writer/ blogger who has a present-day Harlem Renaissance state of mind!  AND last but certainly not least….

“Ritz Hilton”–for the confident, cultured, sophisticated, witty, chatty, entrepreneurial (I did say I was confident) blogger who is Reinventing, Reconnecting and Recovering from the practice  of law—the future proprietor of an elegant Harlem Renaissance themed boutique Bed and Breakfast  in the Village of Harlem, New York!

Accept It, Visualize It, Claim It, Own It,

Jamene “Jaye” Weaver aka The Recovering Attorney

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“Harlem Toile de Jouy,” or, I’ve Decided–Sheila Bridges Will Decorate My Historic Harlem Brownstone!

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If you have been an avid (a girl can dream–ha!) Dear Reader of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm), you have figured out a few things about me ….. um,  that’s the point of my Un-Blog(tm), right?  Right!  And while I adamantly assert that the Un-Blog(tm) is not about mommyhood, interior design, lifestyles and the like (not that there is anything wrong with those genres), I did maintain that on occasion I would offer up a post or two about  life + style, because after all, I am a woman who fancy niceties AND you know that I am a woman who loves her hometown in general and Harlem specifically!

Sooooo when you combine my love of HARLEM with sought after interior designer and Harlem resident Sheila Bridges’ ever-expanding line of (self-depricating ) TOILE  fabrics, upholstered furnishing, bedding, wall covering and decorative tableware you get (from my perspective anyway– Ha!)  Harlem Toile!b_red_lrgAnd post I must–really, how could I not?!


Though I am not new to the clean, elegant aesthetics of Sheila Bridges  (I’ve been a fan since the late 1990s) and her Harlem Toile line that was introduced to the design world a few years back, I  now have a platform in which to share with others.  Click on over to Ms. Bridges’ website  and not only enjoy her portfolio and Harlem Toile line, but get a sneak peak at Gayle King’s New York City apartment as featured on The Nate Berkus Show.  Gayle highlights her galley kitchen bearing Ms. Bridges’ advant garde Harlem Toile wall coverings, pillows and decorative plates.  ENJOY!Harlem Toile WallpaperHarlem Toile Furniture

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Off-Topic Tuesday, or, It’s Official–it’s Summer and not just in The South!

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Last week or so I proclaimed the (un)official start of summer in the beautiful American South–because honestly, if you are fortunate to live in the south, you know that summer in these parts begin in late April and wraps up in October.  So we are two months into summer here in Atlanta—and I’ve already started my Season (you know that I loovvee the Summer Season, right?) BUT

For my Dear Readers of the cool Northeast, (and Ido recall from my wonderful childhood in Manhattan and my “younger” adulthood in Greenwich, Connecticut ) this day, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year—is truly welcomed and celebrated.  By late June, in the Northeast, you can start to “trust” that the sun and warmth are constants for the next three months!  So let the summer fun begin……..

Summer outdoor jazz concerts, dining  al fresco at quiet, neighborhood sidewalk cafes, leisurely strolls on the East River Promenade, private boat rides around the island of Manhattan, “camping” out under the stars on your balcony 31 stories up with the Triborough Bridge (now known as the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge) and the East River below (okay that’s certainly The Recovering Attorney specific),  escapes to the ends of that long island, short road trips to the ferries that shuttle you over to Nantucket and the Vineyard or cool excursions to the Berkshires and the Catskills—-all in an effort to avoid the onslaught of the thousands upon thousands of tourists who descend upon New York City in general and Manhattan in particular. Ha! 

FYI:  When you visit New York City  on summer weekends, odds are that you are probably not seeing native and adopted New Yorkers at work, rest or play.  We natives make a mass exodus out of the City during summer weekends (it’s like visiting Paris in August–shops are shuttered and Parisians are in Manhattan!)  or we retreat to our quiet neighborhood haunts–venues unknown to even the savviest of concierges. 

Perhaps  on Wordless Wednesday I will take on the role of a docent as I lead an up close and personal e-tour of my favorite New York City neighborhood (it is Summertime and the living is indeed easy–so full disclosure–I am heading out-of-town this weekend and I have an arm’s length “to do list”–I will truly try to assemble the e-tour!).  You can probably guess that neighborhood.  Ha!

In the meantime, get out and enjoy this official first day of summer,

The Recovering Attorney

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