11/11/11, or Eleven/Eleven/Eleven and are you making wedding plans for 12/12/12?!!

I am not into numerology at all.  Allow me to state that one more time:  I am.Not.Into.Numerology. Not.At.All.  I don’t believe that the symbols “0” through “9” numbers have any special meaning.  To me numbers are mere symbols created to count how many shoes I have in my closet.  Ha!

“Numbers” and their significance do not shape my world and or future actions.  For those who do believe in numerology–do you.  No hate from me!

As for me, I believe in a Higher Power.  I belive in Faith and I believe that all things are possible with the assistance, guidance, support and love of Jehovah God.  Okay.  Are we good?  Great!  With that said, this Recovering Attorney must admit that there is something just a teeny, wee bit unique about today’s date.

I mean really.  The fluidity of the numbers.  I urge you (if you may) to make a positive, special memory today.  Start your business.  Start that blog.  Do something (perhaps life changing) special today.  For you will always remember the date!  Happy Wedding Day to those taking advantage of today’s date and Happy Birthday to all of the newborns!

And most certainly Happy Veterans Day to our country’s past and present heroes.  We thank you for your service.

Have a great weekend,

The Recovering Attorney

P.S.:  This post contains 222 words (exclusive of this Post Script).  Any special meaning…222 after 11/11/11?????  I gotta look into this.  I joke I joke I tease I tease!

Copyright 2011.  The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm).  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!


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