Wordless Wednesday on Thursday, or, Where in the World…..?

Where in the world can you find the largest cathedral in the world…..

……AND the burial-place of a United States president and his wife…..

……AND the summer home of the first United States Secretary of the Treasury…….

…..AND the home of two United States National Parks……..

…..AND the current business office of a (recent) former United States president…..

……AND the home of a world-class Ivy League university…….

…..AND a majestic, iconic suspension bridge that links this neighborhood with another state; bears the name of a former United States president…

AND I can go on and on and on and on…..there’s so much history and there’s so much to absorb in this one small neighborhood of the Village of HARLEM, NEW YORK, of course.  Ha!

Here’s the cheat sheet to the above photos:

1.  The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

2.  Grant’s Tomb, the burial site of President Grant and his wife

3.  Hamilton Grange, the summer home of the first Secretary of the Treasury, West Indian born (rumored to have an African bloodline), Alexander Hamilton

4.  Grant’s Tomb and Hamilton Grange (Hamilton Terrace/Heights is The Recovering Attorney’s former hometown neighborhood) are designated United States Parks

5.  Upon leaving office, former President Bill Clinton established his office (many say that President Clinton’s choice of Harlem started the unofficial gentrification of Harlem–some are pleased and many long-time residents are not–*sigh*) on Harlem’s historic 125th Street (my uncle’s architectural firm designed the building)

6.  Columbia University (I spent 4, six-week academic summers as a “gifted” high school student in Columbia’s Furnald dorms–good times!)

7.   Though not pictured, our current president, while a student at Columbia, lived at 142 West 109th Street in Harlem

8.  George Washington Bridge

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