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“I Whip My Hair Back and Forth”

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Technically I can no longer whip my hair back and forth.  And that’s a good, no great thing!   This past September I Big Chopped.  Yeah me!  What is a Big Chop?  Simply put, a Big Chop is the cutting off of one’s chemically treated hair to reveal (and experience) one’s God-given natural curls, kinks and coils. 

No, I am not a card-carrying member of the New Black Panthers (not that there is any thing wrong with being a card-carrying member), nor am I retaliating for Angela Davis or Huey P. Newton.  My hair is not my politics.  My hair is simply that—my hair.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  I liked the way my former shoulder length, (ahem, cough, cough) chemically enhanced, straight hair “whipped” back and forth in the wind while I cruised down Peachtree Street in my shiny black convertible.  I liked the way I could  pull my chemically straightened hair back into an oh so sexy casual, effortless ponytail—my signature look.  I liked the way that I was able to jump out of the bed in the morning, get myself ready for  the office, get Precious Children I and II ready for school,  or off to tennis, gymnastics, soccer, piano and the like without a second thought.  I could always count on my chemically straightened hair to perform on cue.  Hey, why wouldn’t my hair perform on cue.  Afterall, for the past couple  of decades I have had a standing  appointment with my supplier. Traveling in disguise, I would hang out at her place for a couple of hours.  As she would prepare her magic potions and lotions, I would sit in her chair in eager, almost with giddy anticipation of my soon to be physical transformation.  The odor of the chemicals, the toxins that would soon darn near touch my scalp—I did not care—in fact, I think I got a “buzz” just from the smell!  She would get that creamy crack ready, I would exhale, relax and succumb.   To emerge from her place of business, refreshed, confident and ready to face the day.  My hair was on point and I was ready to face the world, again. 

Well, I have cut ties with my supplier (stylist), I no longer trek to her place of business (salon) in disguise (fashionable head gear, hiding my curls, kinks and coils) and I am officially off of the creamy crack (chemical hair straightening product)—I am 8 months free of chemicals!   Now I lurrve (love) how my curls, kinks and coils allow me to drop the top on my car without a second thought.  I lurrve how I can simply wash my hair and go—my new signature look.  No blow drying.  No flat irons.  Just me and my hair.   My natural hair is performing on cue without the burden of chemicals and toxins.  Essential oils, shea butter and coconut oil are my new go to tools.  I am in love with my hair.  Mr. The Recovering Attorney is in love with my hair.  My family,  friends and strangers have complimented me on my “new” hair.  My new journey.  I told you that I am growing! 

And the best, most positive thing to come of this new “recovery” :  Precious Child II is in the process of transitioning (allowing chemically treated hair to grow out) so that this August, on her birthday, she will Big Chop!  She can’t wait and neither can I!

I will soon post pictures to accompany my musings.  I think it’s time!  What do you think?

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Sex and the City, or, What makes a woman hot (yes, I said hot!)?

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I have a confession to make.  I just watched the movie, Sex and the City.  As of yesterday its official.   I am no longer a Sex and the City virgin.  I recall the Friday that the movie opened.  I was still a “practicing” attorney.  I had an afternoon appointment with a young thirtysomething attorney from the opposing side.  “We” were negotiating with her employer.  I eagerly (she did not know this of course) agreed to meet at her offices, the world headquarters of CNN.  Hey, why not?  I just might run into T.J. Holmes (ha! to the blogger, The Black Snob)!  You never know.  Anywhooooo.  After having my photo taken, my driver’s license scrutinized, going through a metal detector, waiting in the lobby for an escort, going up a long escalator (I think that ride doubled as a FBI observational behavioral study for visitors–checking for nervousness, heavy perspiration and the like) and having my handbag and briefcase physically searched by an armed Atlanta police officer before being allowed to enter the elevators to travel up to CNN’s legal offices, I was ready for this hardball meeting.  Right? Right.  Well. No.  After dispensing with the business at hand (“we” prevailed!) the “younger” attorney and I began to have an “unbusiness” conversation. ( You heard it here first–unbusiness conversation).  She told me that she was newly engaged and that  after work her girlfriends were going to take her to see Sex and the City to kick off her newly betrothed status.  I congratulated her, I truly wished her well; told her that I too planned on seeing the movie that weekend.  Needless to say I did not see the movie.  In fact, during the first year of the movie’s release, I traveled to Europe, the Caribbean and across the country and I did not view the movie in flight, nor did I order the movie for home viewing.  Why bother?  I did not see the movie within its first weeks.  All the critics had weighed in and I knew the outcome.  No harm.  No foul.  If asked, I knew enough about the movie to engage in an intelligent conversation (yes, 3 years ago there was intelligent conversation about the movie).  Well I was bored last night.  I watched some of the Jets-Steeler game.  Did some surfing and stumbled upon Sex and the City

My take on the movie.  You heard it all before.  The setting was to swoon for.  With New York City, my hometown, as the backdrop, one just can’t go wrong.  The street scenes, the vibrancy of the city.  The real estate.  That apartment.  The cinematography.  The fashions.  The plot?  Eh.  However, notwithstanding the recent commentary of the comedian Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe Awards, you have to admit that the four women (including Jennifer Hudson), all over the age of 40, translated well on the big screen.  In a word they were HOT.  True, there’s special lighting, stylists, make-up artist, couture fashion and a script (yes, they are actors) to assist them in pulling off the look of the sophisticated, urbane, stylish New Yorker (hey—that was me before I moved to Atlanta in the mid-1990s–no regrets, no regrets, no regrets . . .), but that’s movie making Dear Readers and we love it.  However, we mere mortals must not despair.  We may not travel with a glam squad, or a script writer offering us witty dialogue on cue, but we can and do hold our own.  All you need is the attitude and the confidence and the rest is easy.

I am curious.  What makes a woman “hot? (Shhh.  Don’t tell Precious Child II that I used the word “hot” to refer to a woman, please.  Thanks.)  Allow me to go first: 

1.  Confidence.

2.  Confidence

3.  Did I say Confidence?

4.  Intelligence and Wit.

5.  Gravitas

6.  A banging body (Shhhh don’t tell Precious Child I that I used the word “banging” to refer to a woman’s form).

7.  If the body is not to her liking, then she wears clothing to complement her form.

8.  Fabulous accessories (handbags, jewelry, shoes, hats, scarves—it’s all in the accessories.

9.  A piece of statement jewelry that becomes the woman’s signature.

10.  Well coiffed hair.  Natural or chemically treated hair.

11.  An emergency monetary fund.

12.  A retirement plan/account (even if she is a twentysomething).

13.  A valid passport ( a hot woman should never walk away from an opportunity to travel solely because her passport has expired).

What say you Dear Readers?  Do engage!

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Where is Jack McCoy When You Need Him?

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Well.  So.  Yeah.  Law and Order it’s not.  But the new USA legal drama, Fairly Legal is filmed on location in ‘Frisco.  My second favorite American city (I am a native New Yorker born and raised in Manhattan–I Heart NY!).  Correction, San Francisco —allow me:  When we dropped Precious Child I off at Dartmouth last fall, we meet the parents of my son’s roommate.  We exchanged the perfunctory niceties–ultimately asking the lovely couple of their origins.  Their response:  San Francisco.  Fine, great, Mr. The Recovering Attorney went on to say how he and I just love the Bay Area.  Marin County, Sausalito, the fresh foods, the whole vibe of the city.  Mr. The Recovering Attorney went on to say—” ‘Frsico is lovely (yes, he used the word lovely).”  Stop the presses.  Mrs. Roommate’s Mom corrected my husband oh so sublimely by saying, “oh, you love San Francisco.”  Guffaw!  Of course she laughed, we laughed and Precious Child II nervously laughed (she knows her Mom).  I decided to take the high road and ignore what I deemed to be her rude comment.  After all, I was overwhelmed with leaving Precious Child I over 1000 miles from home and Mrs. Roommate’s Mom gushed (no, she really gushed) over the beauty and poise of Precious Child II and she fawned over the many David Yurman pieces I was wearing—I am a fan of Mr. Yurman’s creativity.  Mr. The Recovering Attorney purchased my first pieces when we were vacationing in Antigua in 2001.  I have been a collector ever since.  As for Mrs. Roommate’s Mom–needless to say her over the top flattery more than made up for her rude comment!  Excessive praise will always win the day. All is well in the world.  We will  have lunch in April when we attend family weekend at Dartmouth in April.  And your right.  I will probably never refer to San Francisco as ‘Frisco again.  You live and you learn. Ha!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:  A cautionary thumbs up for Fairly Legal.  Is Kate truly a recovering attorney? Yes and no.  As I discussed in an earlier post, mediation as you can see is so akin to the practice of law.  Same cast of characters and same issues in need of resolution.  However, with the unexpected death of her father, Kate is able to put her career in perspective.  Dear Readers, you decide.    The story line had the requisite twists, turns and moral dilemma much like Law and Order.  Thumbs up for that. I loved Kate’s jewelry (please see preceding paragraph).  San Francisco served as an exquisite back drop—the architecture of the city, the Bay, the styling of the interior shots and rooms—just an oasis of beauty.  As for the surprise ending—loved it!  If the writers can keep turning out such scripts, they just might have a fan in this Recovering Attorney.  I will tune in next week if only for my free sightseeing trip of San Francisco. Ha!

When in a social settings how do you deal with rude comments and or corrections from complete strangers?  Dear Readers please engage we all want to know!

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“Fairly Legal”, or I am a sucker for legal dramas

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I guess I am not the only one soooo over the legal profession in its traditional sense.   It seems that the USA Network is one step ahead of me.  The new legal drama, Fairly Legal is set to premier on Thursday, January 20 at 10/9C.  In a nutshell, the main character, Kate Reed, a former top lawyer realizes the downfalls of her trade and becomes a mediator to settle conflicts.  The character even refers to herself as a recovering attorney!  Well not so fast Miss Kate.  Mediation or in its formal vernacular:  alternative dispute resolution is just a shy step away from the practice of law.  You have two parties who are in disagreement over an issue and in need of a system (in this case mediator as oppose to judge and or jury) to solve the disagreement.  For my money—same issues just a different venue.    Any whooo I do plan to catch the first episode or two.  I am interested to see how the writers treat the main character.  Will Kate be viewed with contempt and disdain by her brothers and sisters in the fellowship or will she be applauded for her courage to call her own shots notwithstanding the opinions of family, friends and colleagues?  If the USA Network find that they have a hit on their hands, perhaps I can be hired on as a consultant.  Afterall, I have been in recovery for 4 years.  I was at the top of my game.  I decided to change my career.  I am sexy, smart and witty.  Don’t believe me, ask Mr. Recovering Attorney.  Ha!

So Dear Readers, will you watch?

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Saturday morning at 11, or we need to be Clear. Here.

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Just under a week into this Blog and I believe clarification is warranted.  Though we are in the nascent stage here I anticipate great things with this Blog.  I foresee thousands of readers, lively banter, and the healthy exchange of ideas, suggestions and opinions (no, I really do).  As I said in an earlier post (hey, this is only my third post so I don’t think it will be hard to locate that “earlier” post. . .it just translates better to say “earlier post” . . .oh, guffaw), I am Recovering from the practice of law.  The stress.  The pressure.  The need/requirement to fix a complete stranger’s problems.   

I received a comment from a reader (a real live human being actually cared enough to write!!!  Thank you!) suggesting that I wasted 7 years of my life (4 years undergrad and 3 years of law school) pursuing a degree/profession that I have more or less abandoned.  My response to the commenter and all others:  Not True.  So Not True.  Yes, I am no longer practicing law.  That is, I have taken my shingle and I have left the building.  However, I am still a lawyer.   I use my hard-fought, hard-won and expensive training every. single. day.  I just don’t use the license(s).  Are we clear?  Great!!  I like my colleagues in the law.  I have had great mentors.  I have mentored.  I have made life long friends.  Heck I am still a card-carrying member of the ABA (you anti-ABA attorneys, please, no hate e-mails and comments. . .  truly, I understand your angst), I read legal journals (gasp, swoon) and I frequent my state bar websites ( I am a lurker).  

So my Dear Readers don’t feel guilty if you have decided to no longer “practice” law or any other profession or career that has consumed a large amount of your youth or money.  Well, maybe you should feel guilty about Recovering from the practice of medicine. . . “paging Dr. Huxtable” will always sound good to me.  Plus and most importantly, there are not enough physicians serving urban and rural communities.  I digress.  Back to the point at hand.  Grow.  Evolve.  Find your passion.  Create.  Write a blog.

But you can’t call your blog The Recovering Attorney.  That name has been secured by this Recovering attorney who will sue if necessary to protect her copyrighted intellectual property (as she dust off her license(s) and pull out her sensible Ferragamo pumps and always on point St.John’s suit) Ha!

What say you?

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Cabin Fever 2011, or how many Law & Order episodes can you watch?

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So my Blog is two days old and for the past three days I have been homebound.  Frozen snow  (can I refer to snow as “frozen” or is “snow” by it’s very nature “frozen?”  Too much time on my hands) covers the landscape.  So Mr. The Recovering Attorney, Precious Child II (Precious Child I is away matriculating at his northeastern, liberal, ivy, elite(tist) college) The Dog and I are at home driving one another crazy.  We have baked, boogied (i.e. danced), bonded and belched (The Dog).  We all need to return to our respective corners:  Mr. The Recovering Attorney back to his office in the Financial Capital of the World, Precious Child II back to the “country club”. . .her southeastern, conservative, old money, private college prep school, The Dog to his 2 acre dog run (more formally known as the backyard) and me back to my life without the aforementioned persons/animal during the hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday!

All content including the name of this Blog is copyright protected.  COPYRIGHT 2011 “THE RECOVERING ATTORNEY.”  All Rights Reserved.

Amid the Life of a Recovering Attorney, I think?

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New Year, new me?  Well, I guess I am already off to a slow start.  It is January 10th after all!  In my defense (That’s the attorney in me.  Once an attorney. . . always an attorney), I did not proclaim this Blog as one of my New Year’s resolutions.  Therefore, no need  for a January 1, 2011 start date.  Right?  Right.

This Blog will represent all that I am and all that I wish to be.  Yes, I am an actual attorney.  Licensed in two (2) states.  Currently practicing in none.  Ergo the “Recovering” part.  So no, I am not a recovering alcoholic, illicit drug user, gambler, sugar addict (not yet confirmed. . .the jury is still out), etc.  And here is my disclaimer:  In no way am I making light of persons who are in the throes of recovery from destructive behaviors  and or lifestyles.  Addiction is REAL.  And coming back from an addiction is hard.  I will stop there.  I am using the word “recovery” to describe my recovery from the practice of law.  My growth, my new direction, my new life.  That is all.

So I kindly ask that you go on this journey with me.  You don’t have to be a licensed attorney.  You can be a recovering architect, realtor, writer, or candle stick maker.  Grow with me.  I plan to be insightful, and should I dare say inspirational.  But remember Dear Readers the terms are always subject to change at the discretion of the author.  Blah, Blah, Blah!

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