This Is What I am Aiming For…….And The Body, Too!

I can finally, without judgement, shame, embarrassment or a psycho-social examination, covet *Barbie’s HAIR!  And, yes, I am a little late to the party. . .the Barbie Natural Hair doll has been on the market for a minute now.  But BIG natural HAIR is soooo me–just give me one more year {of my natural hair journey} and you won’t be able to tell The Recovering Attorney from the Natural Hair Barbie (body not included)…And though…..

I have not visited a toy store, ventured down the toy aisles of my local big box store or spent the day in the American Girl Store  and Cafe (we looove the 5th Avenue store in New York City and their field greens salad–the Atlanta version, not so much) since Precious Child II needed me to hold her hand while she crossed the street (*le sob*), this Barbie just might change all of that.  Ha!

Have a great Monday, Dear Readers,

The Recovering Attorney

PS:  *I think that’s a Barbie doll???

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