Quote of the Day, or, Occupation is the New Occupation of Many

You must be the change you want to see in the world…….

Mahatma Gandhi

The Occupy Movement is literally all over the map–from New York to Oakland to Atlanta–middle class America is fed up and they have decided not to take it anymore.  At this stage of their nascent movement the mission statement may not be clear and the manifesto has yet to be nailed to City Hall’s door, but “they” (college students and recent grads, community activists {am I the only one thinking that Barack Obama circa 1996 would have been in Chicago’s Grant Park with clipboard and possible bullhorn in tow????}, the unemployed, underemployed and those just tired of being sick and tired) are determined to be seen and heard by the ones that disseminate information to the 1%.  AND……..

I am not mad at them.  Occupy On!


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