Wordless Wednesday on Thursday

Etna, New Hampshire

The Connecticut River Valley, New HampshireVermont mountains

New Hampshire Center Hall Colonial on the Village Square

Home of the Celtics and Bruins

Trinity Church, Boston’s Back Bay Neighborhood

Homeward bound

As promised, here are a few pics from my recent visit to New England.  Mr Recovering Attorney and I flew into Boston and enjoyed a scenic drive north to Vermont and New Hampshire.

The time spent together was serene and refreshing.

We ate tons of fresh-picked New Hampshire apples, purchased gallons of Vermont maple syrup (Precious Child II is a maple syrup connoisseur–I must truly love that child–I had to check my carry on luggage to get that syrup to her!), dined at the “polished casual” Murphy’s on the Green in the Upper Valley and took a quick tour of Boston in general and the Back Bay neighborhoods of Boston specifically (Beacon Hill and Copley Square are soooo The Recovering Attorney.  Ha!).

Though the pictures are not my best work; the pictures in no way capture the essence of our short vacay–a good time was certainly had by all!

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  1. Wonderful pics! Glad you guys had a nice vacation. I love the NE in general and I miss living in NY with my family. We drove up to Boston at least twice a year.

  2. Thanks! I miss living in NY too. One day, one day—I will soon be calling NY home again. Just gotta get the youngest out of high school!

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