Wordless Wednesday, or, Reflections of New England in Late September

Ahhhhhh.   New England in the Fall (well, almost)!  The air has a certain crispness. . .the leaves are starting to lose their deep green chlorophyll color in favor of a “dark” mint jello hue (you remember mint green jello, don’t you?). . .the smattering of vibrant yellows, reds and golds start to take hold of the mountainsides. . . .while the reflective waters of the lakes and rivers are just so clear and seemingly pure. . .with the rolling hills and deep valleys reminding you that the world (in spite of all that you read and experience) is truly a simple place. . . . .

This past weekend (plus) in Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire is just what this Recovering Attorney needed in order to Recharge and Regroup.  I will share some of my photos on “Wordless Wednesday on Thursday.”

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