Off Topic Tuesday: The Recovering Attorney Is Asking “Do You Remember When…..?”

I came of age in the late 1980s and into the 1990s.  I graduated from high school, college; law school, I married, had a custom home-built in Florida, purchased a home in Greenwich AND started a family all within a  ten-year period.  Whew!  You know, I did not, until this very moment, realize how much I we (Mr. Recovering Attorney and I) accomplished all within a decade (no wonder I am so cynical and hard to impressed.  Ha!)  WOW.  We did the thing!  If I must say so myself (a wise person once told me that if it’s true it’s not bragging AND that men are confident and boisterous about their accomplishments–So.There.).

But the above is all well and very good.  How.Ever.  What I truly marvel at and recall from that wonderous decade is this:

WHEN THE WORLD’S GREATEST ATHLETE LOOKED LIKE THAT!  I am lovin’ the wedding ring and even the cigar and  hoop earring (and ask Mr. Recovering Attorney, I am soooo not into cigars (cigarettes, chew sticks, toothpicks, or any oral fixation and nasty tobacco related habits) and men donning jewelry clearly intended for women (and yes, I know that the hoop earring originated when pirates of old pierced their ears and promptly donned a hoop earring to note every time they circumvented the globe, but I digress….).

Ahhhhhh.  I so loved that decade for ALL of the above-noted reasons!

Have a great Tuesday, Dear Readers,

The Recovering Attorney

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6 Responses to “Off Topic Tuesday: The Recovering Attorney Is Asking “Do You Remember When…..?””

  1. Wow! Haven’t seen that picture in forever! MJ was some kinda sexy back then!!

  2. Tell me about it. MJ was the MAN! (swooning while typing)!
    Thanks for commenting, Mrs.TDJ (I “know” you. ha).

  3. Really? *lol* We “know” each other from commenting at Monnie’s spot.
    Have we met? Now, I’m curious! =)

  4. No we have never met 🙂 I “know” you from Monnie’s blog! I keep forgetting that the www. does not allow for voice inflections AND immediate clarification! I am sorry for creeping you out (as my 14 year old would say)!!!!! 🙂

  5. LOL! No creep out, just curiosity! Hope that’s a smile and not a side eye, “I know her!”

  6. Of course it’s a smile. I don’t even know how to do a side eye. LOL!!!

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