Introducing: The Recovering Attorney’s Beyond The Keyboard–Branding Beyond Your Blog(tm)

I have often noted that The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) is all about Recovering, Reinventing and Reconnecting.  And what better place to jump-start one’s new life, profile and burgeoning brand but the www.

Some of us Bloggers have been Recovering, Reinventing and Reconnecting big time…….doing tremendously fabulous things beyond our keyboards! And to that end, periodically, on The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm), I will post about our fellow talented sisters and brothers in the blogosphere.

First up:  Tamara Styles, the Dallas based interior design editor of the wildly popular blog, “Get It Girl Style,” the same Tamara who featured yours truly on her popular “Are You Baggin’? series (please check it out and you will learn just a tad bit more about The Recovering Attorney.  Ha!) is kicking off what I am calling The Recovering Attorney’s Beyond The Keyboard—Branding Beyond Your Blog(tm).

Well, my girl Tamara will make an appearance on Nate today (yes, that Nate)—The Nate Berkus Season Two Premiere Show.  Kudos to Tamara for scoring this get—a season premiere appearance–millions tuning in–great opportunity to grow her brand, increase her profile and lend credibility to her talent!

Make sure you check your local listings and tune in TODAY to see (the House Proud segment towards the middle of the broadcast) Tamara giving full face (she’s wearing make-up, folks!).  Many thanks……and if you wish to be featured on The Recovering Attorney’s Beyond The Keyboard ™series, please let me know!


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