Off-Topic Tuesday,or, The Dilemma

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When I read the book Gone With the Wind, I was fascinated by the role of “Mammy,” and like everyone in the position to give it professional consideration, I naturally felt I could create in it something distinctive and unique.

Hattie McDaniel, New York Amsterdam News, May 20, 1939

The dilemma of the Negro actor still exists.  He is perplexed—two audiences, white and black.  What shall he do if he wants to move to higher things?

Clarence Muse, The Dilemma of the Negro Actor, 1934

Clarence Muse was a lawyer who developed a thriving career as an actor, screenwriter, director and composer in the early 1900s.  He is known as the first Black actor to star in a film (Broken Earth, 1936)

. .  . I really felt like if I read as much as I could, I’d have something maybe nuanced in my performance that could provide some further authenticity. . .

(The talented and beautiful) Viola Davis, The Seattle Times, August 2011  (referencing her role in the movie, The Help)



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