WHO SAID THAT?, or, The Recovering Attorney Is Asking You!

The Vineyard in August.  While the rest of the USA is hot, humid and sticky, one can count on the sea breezes, relaxed atmosphere (some day visitors might appear slighty “uptight”–it is the Vineyard after all….ha!) and sense of community found on Martha’s Vineyard.

As a teenager, young bride and new mother, I too, enjoyed The Vineyard a time or two or three.  Hop in the car, head up I95 and you are transported to paradise in a matter of hours.  Oh how I miss my Northeastern access to the Cape!

Well, the Cape is “trending” this week.  I wonder why (*wink* *wink*)?  I do hear tell that a certain VIP (and family) is spending (what I hope to be) a relaxing end of summer vacay.  And unless you have been under a rock you know that everyone and their brother, step-sister and play cousin has offered an opinion on the expediency of this VIP’s 10 day holiday. . . . . . . But I fooled you!

You thought that The Recovering Attorney was going to offer up her $0.02 on the matter.  NOPE  (you may wish to click on over to    http://www.jackandjillpolitics.com/ for real, insightful conversation on that subject).  However, I will provide a series of tweets where a certain celebrity shared with his followers his brief encounter with the POTUS while attending an exclusive reception hosted by Harvard professor and President Obama family friend, Charles Ogletree:

Just talked to President Obama here at Reception on Martha’s Island.  Bukoo Black Folks here at Oak Bluffs.”

“In a HELLA quick conversation with President Obama I told him he will continue to have my support, and he needs to take off the kid gloves.”

“CNN can spin it anyway they want.  I support Obama, in the 15 seconds I had, I told him that he should take off the kid gloves.  NOT NEGATIVE.”

It’s apparent by the caps in the last tweet, that the tweeter received some push back from CNN, his followers, POTUS supporters; and the http://www.  Well, my Dear Readers what celebrity provided the above repartee?  I will provide a hint:  Like Hollywood A-Lister Jack Nicholson, this celebrity holds down the fort court here on the east coast (I think I just gave the answer away.  Ha!)!

Tune in tomorrow Dear Readers for the reveal!

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