Wordless Wednesday—–ON THURSDAY!

Take a gander at the above ad.  In case you are unable to observe the particulars, allow me…….

The ad features a handsome, well-groomed Black man (not a problem so far, right?) holding and preparing to hurl the head of what appears to be  a man of a color (from my vantage point–please keep in mind that my eyes are of a certain age, ha!) sporting a full-blown, natural afro (not a problem), bearded with a slight grimace/growl on his face (“Houston we may have a problem” now).

The ad’s tagline:  “Look like you give a damn…..Re-Civilize yourself.”

So I ask my Dear Readers:   Is the ad a

I.   Diss against Black men (Black women, Black children, etc.)

II.   Part of this summer’s apparent (now) trifecta of questionable health and beauty ads–think the va-jay-jay and beauty bar ads,  A

III. Clever marketing stunt–heck, The Recovering Attorney is posting about it, ha! OR

IV.  All of the above

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2 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday—–ON THURSDAY!”

  1. Personally, I believe they are saying that natural hair is something to be frowned upon. The black man must always conform to what society deems acceptable.

  2. Myles, thanks for your opinions/comments! It’s great to “hear” a man’s perspective on TRA . You don’t appear to be a conformist to me :)!

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