Off-Topic Tuesday, or, The Recovering Attorney has been MIA for Cause!

I’ve been sort of missing in action as of late.  And not because I lost my mojo (I do have a mojo, right?).  I’ve been MIA because though the www. is a place of e-connection and empowerment, it just simply cannot compare or compete with your family (like many of my Dear Readers, I am blessed with a wonderful family), your neighbors (my dear neighbor has unexpectedly lost her mother in a terrible accident—we send out continuous prayers to her) and your community…


Precious Child II will be starting high school manana 🙂 and 😦   Truly, I am having some real mixed emotions.  Our baaaa–byyyy!!!!!  Where did the time go?  It seems like it was just yesterday that Mr. Recovering Attorney buckled up our precious 3-year-old in her car seat and we drove her to The Children’s School to begin her first day of Pre-Primary.  She was sooooo adorable in her little Strasburg blue dress……….Inhale.Exhale.Inhale.Exhale.  Okay.  I am good.   For now.  I don’t know about tomorrow!!!!!??????…………..


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