The Recovering Attorney is Back!…..or, ……and I quote:

“I was born in Harlem, raised in the South Bronx, went to public school, got out of public college, went into the Army, and then I just stuck with it.”    Colin Powell

How fortunate for Colin Powell.  And no.  I am not referring to his personal Horatio Alger story.  And no I am not referencing his illustrious career of military firsts.  And I am not particularly pointing out his appointment as the first Black Secretary of State.  All great achievements no doubt.  And yes,  I recognize and commend Mr. Powell’s many accomplishments.  HOWEVER, Mr. Powell’s greatest claim to fame—long before he joined ROTC in high school, enlisted in the Army, or even uttered his first word—Mr. Powell’s greatest claim to fame—-he was born in the Village of Harlem, New York.  Ha!

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