Off-Topic Tuesday: The Lazy, Hazy Days of August

Ahhhhhh summer!  For those of us in the beautiful American South, “summer” is fast coming to a close (in theory only, thank God!).  For proof of the end of summer in the south– hold on to your sun hats and “chick lit”–yesterday was the first day of school for students in metro Atlanta’s far-flung suburbs.  Yikes!!!

Well, fortunately for The Recovering Attorney Family, school is set to start in mid-August (still way early by Northeastern tradition—we returned to school on the first Monday after Labor Day) for Precious Child II and the Ivies don’t come a calling until early to mid September, so we will still have Precious Child I for just under a month (he’s returning a little early).  Oh happiness!

So…..because it’s still *summertime and the livin’ is easy,* Mr. Recovering Attorney and I along with our Precious Children (we actually convinced Precious Child I that it is socially acceptable to travel with your parents and little sister notwithstanding your rising college sophomore status.  Ha!) will be spending quality family time away from the homestead….or what my children refer to as:   “The annual end of summer get-a-way where Mom and Dad lay down their expectations of us for the upcoming school year.  And with  said annual event to take place in a beautiful beach, sophisticated or culturally rich city, or cool mountain locale…………………!”

In my absence, please feel free to explore The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm).  I assure you that you will find modern, (over)indulgent, stylish, yet mundane content—it’s all in the sub-title—should be fun……..I will be checking in!

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