Desiree Rogers has Reconnected, Re-Invented and has Recovered, or, Do You think She is a The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) Dear Reader? Ha!

The fit, fabulous and fashionable Desiree Rogers and her 21 year-old Yale University daughter Victoria sat down with Vogue to presumably discuss being fit, fabulous and fashionable at the age of 52 (the “Age Issue” of the August 2011 Vogue magazine– heck, if you looked like the willowy, fashion-forward Ms. Rogers wouldn’t you “hold court”). Rogers, the current CEO of Johnson Publishing Company ( publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines), has landed squarely on her perfectly manicured feet since leaving President Obama’s White House in 2010.

From the far and few Rogers interviews that I have been able to glean since her appointment as the first Black woman to hold the title of White House Social Secretary came to a premature end, it appears as if Rogers has embraced her recent past and like many would do in her position, she has decided to ‘move on’ with grace, dignity and uber-confidence.  I applaud Ms. Rogers’ strength.

I am sending Ms. Rogers an e-The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) tee shirt!  She has earned one:  She has Re-Invented, she has Reconnected and she has Recovered.  She remains Visible and Relevant AND she wears her “Statement Piece” well,–her chic, pixie hair cut.  Ha!

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