Meet Harlem Resident and Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson—He’s (hopefully) Coming To A City Near You With FREE Food!

Top Chef Master Marcus Samuelsson, the owner of the Red Rooster restaurant AND Harlem homeowner and resident is coming to a city near you!  Now, if you are a Dear Reader of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) you know that I have often posted about Samuelsson and the Red Rooster–so don’t sleep on this opportunity!

Samuelsson and other top chefs have signed on with Macy’s Culinary Food Truck/Culinary Council in an effort to bring their signature recipes and dishes to you……….curbside and for FREE!  Just saunter up to the food truck (if you have “issues” with food trucks I say if it’s Macy’s and Samuelsson–you should be juuusssttt fine–too much on the line to run a less than stellar food truck operation.  Ha!) window and you will be transported to culinary heaven with a true lunch-size portion of food.  Let’s hope that Samuelsson’s famous Yard Bird, Mac & Greens or Helga’s Meatballs are on the menu!

If you are feeling magnanimous, drop a $1 in the red box, the requested donation for the Feeding America charity and campaign.  I’ am thinking that’s a great deal!!!!

Here’s the itinerary:

Washington DC, July 29,  New York City-Harlem @ 126st and Riverside Drive from 12-4pm on July 31 and Chicago, August 26th.  Click onto the Events section of this LINK for complete listing of cities, chefs and locations:


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