Happy Bastille Day, or, The Recovering Attorney is a Closeted Francophile!

I have had the opportunity to visit and enjoy holidays in France, The French Caribbean and French Canada; though my “French” travels are far from complete,  I am truly smitten by French culture.  I believe expatriates Josephine Baker, Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Bessie Coleman, William Eduorad Scott and so many others got it right when they left the United States in search of artistic, political and “self” freedom(s).  The French, though not free of recrimination (who is??), recognized earlier than most, that life is to be lived and enjoyed by all…………

Condensed version:  On this day in 1789, French peasants, in opposition to the French royal oppression of the common man and woman, stormed the Bastille (prison) in an attempt to gain access to gunpowder, ammunition, arms and political prisoners.  Though the actual storming of the Bastille did not prove to be as “successful” as the people had hoped (the government actually capitulated and opened the gates to avoid a massacre and there were only 7 prisoners and they weren’t of any great political significance), the act of rebellion did serve as a rallying point for the establishment of the rights of the people and citizens.  The rest….is history (pun intended, indeed).  Ha!

File:14 July fireworks in Paris.jpg

Post Script:  Check out the movie  Midnight in Paris—it’s a sleeper!

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