Wordless Wednesday, or, The Recovering Attorney is Sending “Good Vibes” and Twilight Concert, All For Free!


As all of my Dear Readers know, The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) is all about Recovering, Reconnecting and Reinventing (in no particular order!).  And one of our “own” is doing just that—so The Recovering Attorney, (along with our little community here on the www.) is sending a certain someone (and she knows who she is.  Ha!) prayers and good vibes.  Here’s hoping that it will all connect for you.  “Keep your head up and your back straight!”


Now if you had a chance to read yesterday’s post you are fully aware of my ongoing, insistent and yes I will admit, somewhat obnoxious love affair with all things SUMMER.  I wrote about the art of making the word SUMMER a verb in your little corner of the world.  Well summer is marching on and if you are in the Atlanta metro area, and you are looking to create local summer memories — I have an outing for you!

Emory University is hosting their annual, FREE “Twilight Concert.”  The Emory Summer Concert Band will be performing on Thursday, July 14 @ 8pm (hence the “twilight”—think Chastain Park or the Jazzmobile concerts at Grant’s Tomb in Harlem).  Twilight Concert Music promises light musical summer fare performed in a beautiful amphitheatre (again, think Chastain Park).  Picnics are encouraged, admission is free and free parking is available in the Fisburne Parking Deck (location:  Jenkins Courtyard, Goizuetta Business School, 1300 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, 30322).  LINK: http://arts.emory.edu/

Bring the hubs, kids, pack a picnic and ENJOY!  I would sooooo be there—but I will be summering (and yes, summer is a verb) south of the city this weekend.  Ha!

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