Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Summer is a Verb and The Recovering Attorney Preps for Another Weekend Get-A-Way!

The word “Summer” is indeed a verb in my little corner of the world.  The question asked of my mother by her friends around February or March of every year:  Where are you going to summer?  Can you say pretentious, much?

Ever since I was “knee-high to a grasshopper” (I don’t know the regional origins of that expression–I just love saying it–“knee-high to a grasshopper”—love it!), summer has been special to me ( after all, this is about my eleventy post about summer!).   I mean why wouldn’t it be.  I am an unabashed, unapologetic native daughter of the most fantastic city (and culturally rich neighborhood, Harlem) in the world!  The City that awakens from its winter slumber and spring nap (all in one week mind you)  at the end of May and doesn’t call it a night (well in reality, The City never, ever sleeps) until the first week in September.

Oh and boy we New Yorkers can not wait until that last weekend in May.  We are like children waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas eve.  That Thursday before Memorial Day, the City begins to empty itself of its people (making room for the tourist)—the Hamptons and Fire Island jitneys line the midtown streets, private cars head up I95 North— headed to the Cape, the Vineyard or to Nantucket and La Guardia, JFK and Newark airports are just a mere bridge crossing away—if you are so inclined to jet off to the Caribbean or Mexico for the first un-official summer weekend in the Northeast.  As for my childhood summers in the City…….

Sleep away camps in Vermont and upstate New York (hated it when I was a kid–but I am happy that my parents insisted), trips to the Cape (with day trips to the Vineyard and Nantucket) beach jaunts up and down the Eastern seaboard, “camping out”–sleeping bag and all on our 31st floor balcony facing the East River; listening to the cars speed by on Manhattan’s FDR Drive, trips to the deep Caribbean (off-season rates at the very best resorts–mom was/is very savvy. ha!)  outdoor/indoor jazz concerts (also intimate jazz sets at The Village Gate and the Vanguard) across the city, sidewalk cafe dining, evenings on Broadway…. and though my mother would save our serious wardrobe shopping for September and October of every year, we would often “fight” the throngs of tourist and make our way to  I.Miller, Bendels and Bergdorfs for cute accessories ( I got my own Bergdorf credit card when I was 18 and I still have the same card!)…those are just a few of my childhood (my young adulthood memories with Mr. Recovering Attorney and the City are for another post.  Ha!) memories of summertime in New York City.   New York City in the summer—the absolute best time and place to be!

From where ever you may hail–a bustling big city, a sleepy hamlet (yes, hamlets really do exist!), a sophisticated suburb, a quaint village or the beautiful back country, I hope that you, too, have fond memories of summer in your hometown.  If you don’t have those fond childhood memories, it’s not too late.  Create adult memories.  Do it big or do it small, do it in your neighborhood park,  do it at your beach home, or do it in your backyard—but I implore you to just do it and start making the word Summer a verb in your little corner of the world.  Ha!  

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