“Ask Me Never”, or, How to Handle Those Pesky, Nosy Questions!

We have all been there:  “How much did you pay for your home?”  “How much do you pay for tuition at your children’s fancy school(s)?”  “The entire family traveled to _______, how much did thaatt cost?”  “How much did that handbag, pair of shoes, necklace cost”?  “How much did that new car set you back?”    “You are a stay-at-home mother (wife, dad, or husband), wow, your husband (wife) must earn upwards of $___________ a year to live the life that you live.  Right?”  “You dined at thaatt restaurant–how much did that cost?”  And on and on and on the nosy, inappropriate, awkward, intrusive, meddlesome and just plain tacky queries will come at you.  Here’s the real question:  How do you respond to these questions?  And yes sometimes due to the circumstances, respond you must!

Here are a few of my suggestions for some of those pesky “How much?” questions:

1. I paid (pay) too much!

2.  I don’t recall.

3.  I got if for a steal.

4.  Not as much as you may think!

5.  You need to stop counting my (our) money.  Really!

6.  Don’t worry about me (us)–I majored in economics in college, I have a MBA and for my side hustle, I am a financial planner!

7.  Only my husband (wife) and the IRS can ask me those questions and get an actual, honest answer!  Sometimes.  Ha!

8.  Wouldn’t you like to know?!

9.  Get your hands out of my pocket (a la from the scene in Spike Lee’s movie, “Malcolm X”)!

10.  If you really must know, ask Mr. Goggle–that’s what I do.  Ha!

Finally, I suggest that when using the above responses, put a little laughter in your voice, smile, and quickly change the subject.  Feelings are not hurt and your sister-in-law will never know that she has  just been “handled”.  Ha!

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