Family Feud Complimentary Tickets, or, Live Studio Tapings Are Fun!

If you reside in the Atlanta area, and you are a fan of :  Game shows, and or Steve Harvey (I will not judge you.  Ha!), I just might have an outting for you.  Steve Harvey’s show, The Family Feud, has moved its production to Atlanta and in an effort to get the word out and seats filled, The Family Feud has made available complimentary in- studio tickets to watch the taping of upcoming shows.  However, I do believe that for this month and next there’s a waiting list for tickets.  But don’t despair–the show makes tickets available every month!

I have been in the studio audience for The Arsenio Hall Show (yes, I am fast approaching a “woman of a certain age” status AND MC Hammer was the musical guest–couldn’t touch it–it was hot!), Saturday Night Live , twice (Aretha Franklin was the musical guest on one occasion and on the other Anita Baker–my uncle played percussion with their bands), and in the 1990s, Whoppi Goldberg, Jean Stapleton and Cleavon Little had a short-lived sitcom based in an Arizona (or Vegas–can’t recall) diner–I had a chance to go in- studio to watch a taping–funny show.  Anyhooo….live tapings are fun.  Atlanta, unlike Los Angeles and New York has few opportunities to view the taping of nationally aired shows.  Don’t let the experience pass you by,

The Recovering Attorney

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