Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Great Music (2011 Essence Music Festival) + Great Food = Another Fun Trip to New Orleans!

Flags.  Fireworks.  Friends.  Food.  No matter how you celebrated this country’s annual recognition of its Independence, I hope that a safe, good time was had by all!  As for me………

Mr. Recovering Attorney and I love New Orleans.  Way back when we were a young(er) married couple, on several occasions, Mr. Recovering Attorney would surprise me with get-a-ways to the Crescent City.  We would fly out of LaGuardia on Friday evenings to spend 48 hours taking in the character, charm and cuisine of America’s one-of-a-kind city.  Well, Mr. Recovering Attorney did it again–a sort of surprise trip to New Orleans (with Precious Child I & II and The Dog in the picture–there’s a little less spontaneity in our lives). When he asked me on Tuesday if I wanted to take in some music and great food, I just assumed that he was talking about a jazz club and dinner in the city during the 4th of July weekend…….

Well this Recovering Attorney (I “spent” Sunday evening with the fabulous Mary J. Blige and we tend to speak in the 3rd person.  Ha!), has been in party AND Recovery mode for the past 72 plus hours!  Because the 17th annual Essence Music Festival was absolutely spectacular. We got in late Friday and for 2 days  we grooved to non-stop ‘ole school, new school, new music and talent to down right:   Did Kanye just say/sing/rap those $#@*% words in public– on a live microphone– where genteel ladies and proper gentlemen (the vast majority of us–some of us were just “raw!”) have come to gather?  Yes.  He. Did!  And what did this Recovering Attorney think?  Awe.Some (*sshh* please don’t tell Precious Children I & II that I actually, absolutely and completely enjoyed Kanye’s set–in spite of the $#@*% words or maybe because of the $#@*% words!)!

From El Debarge (thankful for his second chance in the music business and life in general) to Chaka (speaking honestly about her actual, true recovery from her past “bad girl”–her words–behavior), to Jilly from Philly (joyful in her new motherhood and return to the stage since her 2009 tour with Maxwell), to Kanye (where he announced that he no longer grants interviews)  —on to Kem (if you are not familiar, ask Mr. Google–in memory of a The Recovering Attorney family friend, Kem sang Luther’s Never Too Much–nice!), Trey Songz (can you say that the cougars were representing–ladies–he’s 27–a baby!), to New Edition (“6 deep”–Bobby Brown plus Ronnie, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny) taking us all back to high school AND with the drama-free Ms. Mary J. Blige resplendent in black stiletto fringe boots, matching black flapper shorts and top, signature blonde ‘do (bob with bangs this time) taking me back to law school socials and recent  turn up the Bose dance parties with Precious Child II!  The entire 2011 Essence Music Festival and New Orleans (as always) were certainly more than Just Fine! 


If you were at the 2011 Essence Music Festival, I am sorry that I missed you!  If you have never been, or if it has been a while, please in the name of all things fun, safe, well-organized (hats off to NOPD–those ladies and men in blue kept the traffic flowing and the streets safe), professional, in good taste (if you are not into public profanity–*ahem* Kanye–the Superlounge(s) featuring the likes of  Eric Benet, Morris Day and others were options) and of course great music–please put the 2012 Essence Music Festival on your to-do-list.  And trust me.  There’s no age limit on the fun.  From 21 to 61–there’s an artist (or 4), empowerment speaker (though not for me–I have Mr. Recovering Attorney and he’s my personal Life Coach.  Ha!) or activity that just may “talk” to you.  Come on down, up or across to New Orleans next 4th of July weekend.  You will not be disappointed.  I will see you there!

Thank you, Mr. Recovering Attorney.  I (we) needed that.  Now off to the treadmill, rower and bike I go–cafe au lait and beignets a la Cafe Du Monde won the battle but they will certainly not win the war!

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2 Responses to “Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Great Music (2011 Essence Music Festival) + Great Food = Another Fun Trip to New Orleans!”

  1. I’m so jealous! You’re holiday weekend was waaaay better than mine. Lol.

    I went to the Essence Music Festival in 2000 or 2001. Unfortunately, I went with a not so great group of people. I had to share a room with my friend’s boyfriend’s cousin (a guy) who acted like he wasn’t going to pay half for the room. My friend and her boyfriend cursed each other out the entire time. I never had any input on our activities. My friend lied about the itinerary. We left NO on the best night (Saturday) to go to…(Wait for it) Biloxi, MS to visit my friend’s friend who a. didn’t like me and b. had gone to NO to attend the music festival. On the way to Biloxi, the air conditioning in our rental car went out (we had a 10 hour drive to get home). All of this culminated in my friend and I having a physical altercation because I wanted a sheet to lay on the beach (alcohol was not involved).

    Recounting this just made my eye start twitching. Lol.

  2. One word…WOW! But I think all of us have had experiences like that! The plus—with time–those horrible memories become fun memories. Right? But the leaving NO on Saturday to head to Biloxi–just crazy. LOL 🙂

    Well,you make my NO Music Festival lame—no drama at all– just good times, good food and great music of course!

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