The Recovering Attorney is putting herself out there, and, she’s sensitive about her stuff (in my Erykah Badu voice)!

I did it!  No.  I did not locate and close on that Harlem brownstone (Precious Child II is a rising high school freshman–a few more years until the nest is fully empty).  I just joined the club that I believe as of last count has a 5 billion person membership list.  Yes. I am the 750 million+ 1 member of the ubiquitous Facebook family!  I vowed that I would never join–but yet, here I am (*happy sigh*).  But like Justin said:  Never Say Never.

Now you can “follow (whatever that means)” The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) on Facebook .  “Like Me” (?) “Follow Me” (?) —-“Hello, my name is The Recovering Attorney, and I am social media challenged.”  There.  I said it.  You know that I am all about “ownership” and full disclosure!  So.  No.  I don’t have a neat, professional looking lower case “f” to the right of this post. If you look over you will see my “janky” “Link to Like The Recovering Attorney” section (I am working on the technical difficulties).  So, please click on over and make it official–let’s update the status of this relationship.  It’s not complicated.  Ha!

In the meantime Dear Readers, enjoy ( and have a safe) your 4th of July holiday.  The Recovering Attorney will be gone for a few days–enjoying great music and even better food– Essence Music Festival–here we come!

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2 Responses to “The Recovering Attorney is putting herself out there, and, she’s sensitive about her stuff (in my Erykah Badu voice)!”

  1. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! I’m glad to see that you’re still doing your thing. I’ll spend my holiday weekend relaxing and catching up on your posts.

  2. I’ve missed you Meka! I hope all is well–don’t be a stranger, girl!

    Have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday weekend. I feel like picking up a t-shirt for you from the Festival. Perhaps I will. Check in with me after the holiday and we can make the arrangements to get it to you (

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