Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Who Would Really Want To Leave?!

Real Off- Topic (I think??)….perhaps not.  Please read on!

As we all know, the daily, afternoon Soap Opera is going the way of Myspace, Beta AND VCRs, Blockbuster’s, and McMansions (not media related, but I just had to state the obvious–BTW–*psst* “I know someone who will be readying their McMansion for the “market” sooner than later.”  Ha!).  And for many Soap Opera adherents this is devastating news.  I understand, I can relate and I feel for those fans.  Because if we were to travel back into time, to say  1983ish and someone told me that General Hospital  was to be No.More.  I would certainly be done (for  10 mintues and then I would have moved on–that’s just my personality)!

Well, if Soap fans are feeling the burn, you can only imagine how the Soap actors are taking the news.  Heck, they have mortgages to pay, private school tuition checks to write and summer sojourns to take (this is getting personal).  Just ask the cast of All My Children.

It was 2 years ago that ABC moved AMC’s production/shooting to Los Angeles from the Upper West Side of Manhattan in an effort to stream line  cost (we all know how dreadfully expensive the City is).  But as my Great Uncle said often:  “A day late and a dollar short.” And too little.  Too late (I say that often).  Pine Valley will soon become a ghost town and Erica Kane aka Susan Lucci (like many of us) will have to Recover, Reconncet and Reinvent (it’s always better when life does not force you to Recover, Reconnect and Reinvent–I am just saying)–join and welcome to the Club, Ms. Lucci!

Well we may have to offer AMC actor Cameron Mathison (to AMC fans–Ryan Lavery) a membership as well.  Mathison, a former Harlem resident, in 2009, attempted to sell his Central Harlem brownstone when he received the news of his corporate transfer.  But because it was 2009 (the pop of the Big Bubble was heard all around the world), and Mathison was asking 2.7 million dollars he had no takers.  So like any smart homeowner who is unable to sell, he added landlord to his CV.

Fast forward (back) to 2011.  AMC has been cancelled and Mathison is looking to cash out and perhaps scale back.  And oh lucky day for Mr. Mathison!  A buyer has been secured, the contract is signed and I am pleased to announce for the Mathison clan, a closing is not far off in the future.  But really.  Who would ever want to leave Harlem?!

photos from Ulysses, Harlembespoke

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