Off-Topic Tuesday, or, It’s Official–it’s Summer and not just in The South!

Last week or so I proclaimed the (un)official start of summer in the beautiful American South–because honestly, if you are fortunate to live in the south, you know that summer in these parts begin in late April and wraps up in October.  So we are two months into summer here in Atlanta—and I’ve already started my Season (you know that I loovvee the Summer Season, right?) BUT

For my Dear Readers of the cool Northeast, (and Ido recall from my wonderful childhood in Manhattan and my “younger” adulthood in Greenwich, Connecticut ) this day, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year—is truly welcomed and celebrated.  By late June, in the Northeast, you can start to “trust” that the sun and warmth are constants for the next three months!  So let the summer fun begin……..

Summer outdoor jazz concerts, dining  al fresco at quiet, neighborhood sidewalk cafes, leisurely strolls on the East River Promenade, private boat rides around the island of Manhattan, “camping” out under the stars on your balcony 31 stories up with the Triborough Bridge (now known as the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge) and the East River below (okay that’s certainly The Recovering Attorney specific),  escapes to the ends of that long island, short road trips to the ferries that shuttle you over to Nantucket and the Vineyard or cool excursions to the Berkshires and the Catskills—-all in an effort to avoid the onslaught of the thousands upon thousands of tourists who descend upon New York City in general and Manhattan in particular. Ha! 

FYI:  When you visit New York City  on summer weekends, odds are that you are probably not seeing native and adopted New Yorkers at work, rest or play.  We natives make a mass exodus out of the City during summer weekends (it’s like visiting Paris in August–shops are shuttered and Parisians are in Manhattan!)  or we retreat to our quiet neighborhood haunts–venues unknown to even the savviest of concierges. 

Perhaps  on Wordless Wednesday I will take on the role of a docent as I lead an up close and personal e-tour of my favorite New York City neighborhood (it is Summertime and the living is indeed easy–so full disclosure–I am heading out-of-town this weekend and I have an arm’s length “to do list”–I will truly try to assemble the e-tour!).  You can probably guess that neighborhood.  Ha!

In the meantime, get out and enjoy this official first day of summer,

The Recovering Attorney

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