Have a Great Weekend, or, The Recovering Attorney saysTo “Do You!!!”

You have roughly 48 hours this weekend.  Find time to invest in yourself.  ASK FOR IT+VISUALIZE IT+CLAIM IT+EXPECT IT AND DON”T FORGET TO DO IT!!!!!!!

Put it out in the universe.  Tell your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mom, dad, the blogosphere, your neighbor.  Tell somebody, anybody what it is you want to do with the rest of your life.  Once you tell on yourself (so to speak), you are now obligated (in a good way!) to actively pursue your dreams.

Somebody is watching.  Somebody is waiting.  Somebody is hoping with you.  Somebody understands your passion.  And most importantly, if you tell the right person or community:  Somebody is cheering you on!!! You don’t believe me?  Give talented blogger CreoleinDC a visit athttp://monicamingo.com/.  She is living proof that you can make it happen–from telling on herself to her blog readers some three years ago to just wrapping up her first feature film.  Go Monica.  Ha!

Tell The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) community.  We will be that Somebody for you!

The Recovering Attorney will go first:  I want to own a bed and breakfast. { There.  I said it.  I am claiming it}  But not just any B & B.  Oh no.   My B & B will be housed in a historic Harlem Brownstone (think Langston Hughes) where I will share my love, passion, and vast personal, family  knowledge of the Black Cultural Mecca of the World.  The accommodations to be quaint, quiet and elegant–and my walking tours of my Manhattan–Harlem, to be up close, personal, informative, inspirational, legendary and just simply de-lovely.  Ha!

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