Wordless Wednesday,or, It’s Summertime in the South!!

It’s summer in the dirty south (not an insult but a prideful colloquialism to describe the heat, humidity; hubris of the American South in general and Atlanta specifically), and that means  for The Recovering Attorney the world is calling! 

Cool mountains and lakes, escapes to the cooler Northeast ( The Cape, New York City in general and Manhattan’s largest neighborhood specifically, Harlem), ________________and_____________.  Oh yeah!  However, …………

You know that I loovvee to share with, inform and empower my Dear Readers.  So post I must but I will be powering down, scaling back and exhaling.  Sooooo welcome to Wordless Wednesday……..and the beauty of Harlem Brownstones:

Fifty-seven of the greatest jazz musicians (of the time) gathered on the steps of a Harlem brownstone, August 1958

A row of  Harlem brownstones bearing a regal pedigree.  The West 122nd street beauties were designed by architect Willimam Tuthill who was also the architect of New York’s Carnegie Hall!  Photo by David Leventi


Inside Langston Hughes’ (yes, that Langston!) 127th street Harlem brownstone.  I’m loving the ivy-covered entry and the interior architectural details.  If these walls could only talk–lyrical poetry, I am sure!

The steps of this Harlem brownstone just beckons you to travel back in history. Many of Harlem’s sturdy and elegantly designed brownstones were built during the latter part of  the 19th century using sandstone that ranged from brown to reddish-brown in color.

A row of Harlem brownstones.  Simple. Elegant.  Photo by Ken Mac

Since the real estate boom of the 1990s, Harlem has grown in popularity among people looking for more affordable housing options in Manhattan. Dana Perrotti

After 100 plus years, a Harlem brownstone showing its grace and beauty.  Photo by Dana Perrotti


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