Off-Topic Tuesday, or, The Recovering Attorney Offers a Friendly Reminder

As womenCrazy Clock, wives, mothers, daughters, professionals, entrepreneurs, friends and bloggers our days are swamped with a fury of “must-get-it-done activities.”  Younger moms shuttle their children from one life enriching class to another.  Women who work outside of the home have literally two offices/shifts (as my working -mom friend reminded me ever so gently when I suggested that she, too, needed an adorable labrador retriever to make her family complete) to manage and time is certainly of the essence.  Entrepreneurs spend almost every waking hour honing their brand  and peering over the bottom line, the attorneys among us take on the day-to-day dramas that plague other people’s lives (though handsomely compensated for the effort.  Ha!), and most women happily keep up with the doings of their best friends and  genuinely want to be there for spouses and parents.   AND….

Guess what?  We get it all done—the children,  husbands, friends, businesses and practices,  bosses and  parent care–all handled with aplomb.  Service with a smile, grace and dignity!  But what about us? 

Well, what about us?  We often note that after a day of caring for others and their interests there is little if any time left for us–no time for exercise, date night, our personal interests, or that New York Times bestseller. 

WRONG:  There are 168 hours in a week.  If we take out 40 hours of that week for our career (inside or outside of the home).  Deduct another 96 hours for sleep (I’d really like to meet the woman who clocks a solid 8 hours a night) subtract another 20 hours for meal preparations and other household stuff, time with the children, spouses, etcetera and we–you–are left with 12 hours during the week to see about the most important person in your family’s life and world–YOU! 

Hit the gym, get a mani-pedi, read a good book, take a walk, start that organic garden, go to the movies ALONE (the best movie experience ever, I promise), subscribe to and read an informative, uplifting, empowering blog (hello), what.ever. but always make sure that you find the time to relax, recover, reinvent and unwind.  You have the time.  You really do! 

Just a friendly reminder!

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