If You Had To Do It All Over Again. . .Would You, Should You; Could You?


Strivers Row, The Village of Harlem, New York

You are living your dream life (who’s really living that life?….I need to read that blog!).  All of your plans have worked out as you, well, planned.  You spent your life making goals, obtaining goals and enjoying the after glow of said goals. 

The kids are either grown, in college, in high school and  your “nest” is either empty or you can now see the  light at the end of the day-to-day motherhood tunnel. 

You have been a success in your chosen career (full-time mom, engineer, or candlestick maker ).   Promotions, partnerships and perhaps “owner” take up a lot of real estate on your curriculum vitae.

And if you are married the union is on track and intact.  If the marriage is not on track, you and your spouse are both actively working to get it back or you both have made a peaceful resolve to dissolve.     You have seen your fair share of celebrations  and sorrow–most making you stronger, determined and more committed to your life as you know it or committed to creating the life that you have been seeking.

But here’s the kicker and it’s short and sweet:   If you had  to do it all over again…Would you?  Should you?  Could you? 

I think that you already know my answer to that question.  The name of my blog:  The Recovering Attorney.  But in all honesty, though I no longer enjoy the “practice” of law, I probably would not change my educational path.  A legal education can and often open doors to so many different career and life opportunities. 

Perhaps I should “open the doors” to a bed and breakfast housed in a 1880s Harlem brownstone once owned by Langston Hughes or W.C. Handy—where I offer personal walking tours highlighting the rich history of the Black Cultural Mecca of the World.  Hey, why not?  Ms. Maya is speaking to me and I am starting to listen…Ha!

What say you?  Drop a comment.  Engage! 

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  1. I’ve always had a fascination with Harlem! Go ahead and listen to Maya get that Harlem brownstone and start those tours. I will be your first paying client. Love your blog and its direction. Keep up the great work!

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