Random Things That Still Amaze Me, or, The Recovering Attorney Is Being Reflective Today

As a woman of a certain age I have indeed experienced and seen some things…and by the Grace of God and Mr. Recovering Attorney’s commitment to his family–most of my experiences have been pleasant. And for that I am truly thankful. 

But in spite of the above truth, there is not much “out there” that is shocking to me—been there done that and I have the tee shirts, magnets, snow globes, cancelled passports, photographs (most are ‘ole school developed- film photos, though) objet d’ art, and art,   investments (oh, how I long for the days when I said investments and *smiled*), Mr. Recovering Attorney, Precious Children I &II, friends, The Dog, a few scars (result of an outdoorsy childhood),_________, _____________, _______________ AND the memories to prove it.  Ha! 

However, there are still some things out there, things that when I think about it, I say “wow, that’s so amazing……….

1.  The kindness of complete strangers

2.  The need for people to be right when they are absolutely wrong!

3.  How people can forgive AND forget. 

4.  A woman’s ability to endure 2 days and eleventy hours of labor, deliver (naturally) and within 24 hours wistfully speak of having more babies….Amazing

5.  A two-year old child’s penchant for  crying uncontrollably for  20 minutes (in the back of the car, no less) and a moment later the same child is fast asleep in her car seat with the sweetest smile on her face.

6.  The Internet

7.  Our 44th President

8.  The natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and the masterful engineering of the Eiffel Tower

9.  Strangers  have paid me (very well, BTW), The Recovering Attorney, to help them solve some of their  life’s most perplexing problems (shhh don’t tell them that I still have my first baby doll (Mattel’s Baby Tender Love) and her traveling case in my closet and sometimes when I am feeling  a certain way, I will pull her out and just take a “whiff” and I am good again)!

10. The rich cultural history of the original Harlem Renaissance (soooooo much talent harnessed and  unleashed in one neighborhood during one moment in time).  Amazing!

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