Youth Is Wasted On The Young, or, 5 Things to Appreciate About Your Body Before Your Turn 40, 50 or….

How many times have I heard that expression?  Early and often my Grandmother would tell me to “slow down,  don’t be in a hurry to  ______, _______or_______.”  Or when I would question if “mother nature” recalled that I was 13 years old and that all the other 7th grade girls could adequately fill out their volleyball tank tops–my Grandmother would tell me “don’t worry, the women in our family never had to worry about lack of a bust (her word.  Ha!).”  She would then tell me that I should appreciate the fact that I could spike a volleyball without having to worry about a bouncing bust getting in the way like those other “fast” (gotta love grandmothers–they know how to make you feel good) girls.  Then she would finish  with wistfully telling me that youth is wasted on the young.

Oh, how spot on Grandma was:  1.  I have rightfully taken my place in The Recovering Attorney Lady Family Tree (maternal side) and my Lady Ancestors would be proud–my “Breast-Tee-Sis” is/are(?) on point (well they used to be  literally”on point”–I am a woman of a certain age–and while they are indeed holding their own–they are not the boobs of old young).  2.  I long for the days when monthly self-breast exams and yearly mammograms would get a ????? from me.   And it must be nice to be able to take a run on a treadmill without having to sport 2 sports bras! 

And  now that I am in my forties I know that is not wise to complain about every little reminder that I am no longer 25  ( well, yeah, gray here is the devil I tell you–in my humble opinion–you may have your own curse)……for I will be in my fifties one day; the forties will be the good ‘ol days.  Ha!

5 Things To Appreciate ( and flaunt) About Your Body, NOW

1.  YOUR BUTT.  I don’t care if you consider your rear to be pleasingly plump, unfairly flat, or robustly (extra) round.  Poke it out and strut your stuff.  Because one day– onion, pancake or Nicki Minaj shape…GRAVITY (your butt will “drop” like a 9 month old baby in your womb!) will claim it. 

2.  YOUR HANDS.  At some point the back of your hands will begin to resemble a road map.  If you wish to be a hand model, don’t put it off much longer!   (Mrs. O.  The Leader of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm)

3.  YOUR EYEBROWS.  Your once thick Brooke Shields brows will begin to thin and…gasp…gray.  Or in the alternative they may start to grow like kudzu and  meet your hairline at some pointEyeswhile graying…ouch.

4.  YOUR FEET.  Wear those stilettos.  Wear those extravagant, strappy, over the top sandals.  Though the heart maybe willing at some point the feet just won’t allow it and you will suddenly find yourself browsing the Naturalizer website. 

5.  YOUR HAIR.  AHHHH…our crowning glory.  Short, long, relaxed, kinky, locked, coils, wavy, curly–no matter if natural  or  chemically enhanced –40+-year-old hair is just not 20 (or 30 year-old hair for that matter)-year-old hair!   Your once glorious hair will start to age.  Not as shiny, as lush as…youthful!  Enjoy your hair now. I am told that when you enter your 50s you will yearn for the hair of your 40s.  Ha!natural hair glossary



Disclaimer:  For the record, the above list does not reference any “body” issues that I am currently experiencing at the young, tender age of  forty-&*%#.  Oh, what the heck…in the interest of full disclosure and “ownership” I am dealing with just one item on the list–but I am not telling….“I don’t know you like that!——  The Recovering Attorney

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