What Makes A Good Guest?, or, The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) Reflects on “How To Be”


Many years ago–way back when my family relocated to Atlanta from Greenwich, Connecticut, long before I decided to sit for the Georgia bar (I had my Connecticut attorney’s license and I felt accomplished.) exam, when I was in my “younger” motherhood and Mr. Recovering Attorney and I decided that Precious Child I deserved  my/our complete attention, energy, sustenance and protection (I still thank Mr. Recovering Attorney for allowing me–our family to have that gift), I along with my mother owned a full service bridal consultancy.   My mother is uber-creative, uber-talented, uber-social, and uber-elegant–Martha Stewart and B. Smith have nothing on her I tell you–my mom’s teenage nickname–Jackie O–need I say more.  Ha!  As for me–  I managed the paperwork, made the contacts, drafted our contracts, and served as the “youthful” face and voice of the business.  Great events and even better memories.

We rented a loft-like space in a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places http://www.nps.gov/nr/.  We styled the space with soft lighting, comfortable, plush seating, scattered area rugs on century old  hardwood floors, and eclectic original art work graced the  exposed brick walls.  Our many brides to be would often enter our space and would wish to have their bridal showers hosted in our offices.

The bridal consultancy allowed me to have my cake and eat it too (pun intended, indeed).  I would drop-off Precious Child I at his liberal, artistic, call your teachers by their first names, yet academically rigorous, independent day school in the morning and get to planning one-of-a-kind weddings by 9am.  By 1pm my “day” was over and it was  Mommy Time. 

But in between my morning and afternoon carpools, I  connected with the people of Atlanta’s emerging music scene, I networked with  entrepreneurs, rising politicians…. our creative wedding concepts  appeared on local television programs; we received positive press in Atlanta newspapers.  Our reach even extended to my hometown…

Harriette Coleof Harriette Cole Mediahttp://www.harriettecole.com/the New York based lifestyle maven, author, advice columnist, former magazine editor (Essence Magazine), television personality, wife, mother and friend in this Recovering Attorney’s head–even weighed in on our bridal consultancy.   When her business was in its infancy and carried the name Profundities, Inc., I reached out to Harriette to compliment  her on  the release of her highly successful publications, Jumping The Broom and How To Be, books that spoke directly to all things Wedding, Bridal, Etiquette, Social Graces and Beautiful.  So yes, the books became our reference manuals and she became our long distance mentor (again, in my head).  But Harriette and I did share a telephone conversation or two way back then and her graciousness made me a lifetime fan of her talents, perseverance and her ability to Re-Invent herself.  SO………………

In an ode to my Mom, Mylestones by Marci, A Wedding/Bridal Consultancy, Harriette, Good Manners, The Wedding Season, Summer Time House Guests, Re-Invention, and Recovery, I offer these words:

A Good Guest

Arrives slighty late.  And leaves on time

A good guest brings energy and

charm and a small present.

A dinner guest engages the person on his

right and his left.

A party guest mingles and meets everyone.

A house guest is self-sufficient, not needing

constant entertainment.

All good guests write thank you notes.

Very good guests also call the next day.


“The Season” is upon us and I need a reminder  every now and again.  I will re-read this gentle “admonishment” early and often.  And  though the aforementioned primer appeared in a Tiffany & Co. advertisement in the August 20, 2010 publication of the New York Times, I could not have said it better!


To the Season,

The Recovering Attorney


COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm).  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!



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  1. You have led a very interesting and full life. I am going to have to start listening to you when you talk about reinventing, reconnecting and recovering. You appear to be very good at it. Keep encouraging us!

  2. Hey, is that you Robert? Hi my friend. It’s been a while! Welcome back.
    Your words are so sweet. And no. All of you encourage me. Thanks, friend. Have a great holiday weekend.

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