Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Smart Strategy. Smart Woman; No. I am not talking about The Recovering Attorney

Oprah Winfrey

I believe we are down to the last 2 shows.  And we kinda sorta know what 1 of the 2 remaining shows is about.  Super, mega, A-List, I am- so- famous- and- established- that- you- reference- me- by- my- first- name celebrities–Will, Jada, Tom, Hank, Patti, Beyonce–serenade, laud and applaud Ms. Winfrey.  Deservedly so.  For many of the “surprise”  A through C  (yes, some are C-list)  list celebrities owe The Oprah Winfrey Show a great deal of credit for their enduring success. Homage warranted and somewhat expected. 

Oprah is an unabashed fan of the “celebrity culture” and she counts many of the “Hollywoood Elite” as her dear, personal friends.  Careers  were made by The Show and that was a very smart strategy on Ms. Winfrey’s part.  Allow the established AND rising star to come and promote early and often and you will have a Friend of the Show for life.  When you need to boost ratings, invite your good friend Julia on to discuss the upcoming  birth of her twins.  The exclusive interview will undoubtedly get you another couple of million viewers.  Smart strategy.  Smart woman.  But we already knew that………….

But do you recall the origins of The Show?  Klans men, skin heads, polygamists, and the like were the guests  du jour.  Ms. Winfrey’s, show like that of her predecessor’s Phil Donahue (where popular lure notes that Ms. Winfrey ran Mr. Donahue out of Chicago–to New York City) appealed to the 1980’s cultural lust for once taboo topics (now, skin heads and klans men– neutralized carnival barkers).  And Ms. Winfrey delivered.  And as a society we could not get enough.  Ratings soared and Ms. Winfrey delivered more.  Smart strategy.  Smart woman.

And as Ms. Winfrey approached the “woman of a certain age” status (HELLO), she changed it up on us:  “How to live your best life,” “How to find your passion,”  and “How to pass on kindness.”  Ms. Winfrey was growing as a person and she was correct in assuming that her audience, mainly composed of woman of all ilks (stay-at-home moms, working, professional woman, entrepreneurs, and grad students), was growing and maturing too.  She knew it was time to change it up.  She did.  Successfully.  Smart strategy.  Smart woman.

And like all women with a life plan–Ms. Winfrey now recognize that it is time to take her ball and go home.  So to speak.  Home for Ms. Winfrey is something just a wee bit different than for most of us.  Home is her own network  the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).  And yes.  OWN is working out its kinks–but no worries.  When The Show wraps this week, Ms. Winfrey will be able to devote more time to  OWN.   She will grow the network just as she grew the O Brand.  Smart strategy.  Smart woman.

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  1. Wow is all I can say. Your blog is amazing! You actually write about things people care about. Bravo! And keep up the GREAT work!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Thanks, Elle. I love your name, BTW. I assume you will be watching Oprah’s final show?? Say what you may, Oprah is indeed in a class by herself. I’m thinking Honors class!

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