This Recovering Attorney is Now Feeling a Certain Way, or, Why Did So Many Persons Embrace the End of the World Prediction?

Now that we have made it through the doomsday prediction of May 21, 2011, all of the sidebar laughs, giggles, late night monologues, intelligent witty postings  (please see last week’s The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog ™ postings)  will start to dry up like a week old zit ( I have adult acne and zits  unfortunately are still a part of my reality).   But.  Wait.  We still have to factor in the late night comedians who will have to get in their last jokes this evening –so, yeah, by Tuesday we should have heard the end of it.

But I am starting to feel a certain way…why were so many people, i.e. “believers” willing to embrace one man’s (I have decided to not name the charlatan–he’s received enough free press) manipulative and apparently faulty prediction of the demise of the world?

“Believers” emptied their 401ks, their savings accounts, quit their jobs, stopped paying their bills, and even left their families in dare I say giddy anticipation of the world coming to an end on a certain date and a certain time.  Their reward of course for liquidating all of their earthly assets was a promise to live a life free of sickness, turmoil, debt and stress–yeah, you must admit, that’s tempting–a pretty good trade-off.  All of your cash for everlasting life?   Hmmmm…

From my understanding the man  behind this faulty prediction was the recipient of all of those liquidated assets.  His organization used a portion of the funds to put up billboards, print leaflets and purchase buses in an attempt to get the word out.  The remainder of the funds–straight into the organization’s coffers.  Where the funds will undoubtedly remain from May 21, 2011 until, well, the “real” end of time.  

I was saddened when, on Sunday, May 22nd, a “believer” during an NPR interview said that he hoped the organization would return his nearly $100,000 “tithe” now that the world is still rotating on its axis (my words–but you get the point).  I think that it is safe to say that the “believer” should not sit around and wait for the refund.  Back to the “real” world for him and the others.  

How. Sad.  For this “believer” and the thousands of others who are now in the same predicament.  Yes.  The world is rife with turmoil:  Wars.  Tornadoes.  Genocide.  Inhumanity. Personal Strife–so I can readily understand the pull/push factor of the “believers”–they  simply did not wish to cope with the world in its present condition.  They were offered an easy ,” God-aprroved” (from their perspective) out and they took it.  It’s Monday morning.  Now what? 

Again, how sad. 


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