The Recovering Attorney’s…One Day and Counting…The World Is Coming To An End,or, Saturday Evening at 6:01pm pacific/9:01pm eastern Post

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The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog’s(tm) “The World Is Coming To An End” Series So Let’s Be Frivolous Post Number Five:

So we have made it to the end of the blog week and I must admit–great week!  I hope that you have enjoyed my meandering mind.  I had fun musing about all things “Off-Topic”–a week of frivolous and inane (not Post Number Four–Mrs. O is the leader of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm ) postings.  Nothing deep.  Not too heavy if heavy at all.  AND……

I have to be honest here:  I sorta feel like a true Cultural Commentator (as I dust of my shoulder AND pop the collar on my crisp, white button down shirt.  Ha!).  Perhaps a little premature–but if you have been a Dear Reader for a minute now you know I am all about Recovering, Re-Inventing and Re-Connecting–so, yeah–this Recovering Attorney is claiming it—Cultural Commentator I am.  But please don’t fret.  I will continue to infuse my “woman of a certain age” witty, chatty, intelligent, yet naive and confident exploits into all of The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog’s(tm) postings.  BUT….

Alas, all of this Recovering, Re-Connecting and Re-Inventing just maybe  for naught—now you did get the e-mail right?  The world as we know it is coming to an end on Saturday (this Saturday–tomorrow), May 21, 2011 at 6pm (9pm eastern).  According to “believers,” the cataclysmic earthquake that will take most (believers will be saved, of course) of us out will commence on the west coast and work its way east.  Okay.  Good.  I am on the east coast–I just might get a chance to get off one more stylish, modern, (over)indulgent, mundane yet culturally relevant post.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!


The Recovering Attorney 

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