“The Terminator Donald Schwarzenegger”, or, The Recovering Attorney says “Really, Guys?


The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog ‘s(tm) “The World Is Coming To An End” Series So Let’s Be Frivolous Post Number Three:

What’s with these guys!?  First Donald John Trump with all of his shenanigans and tomfoolery (those are my kind words to describe the antics of the former respected businessman and current national laughing-stock–he did it to himself) and now we have Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former two term governor and once box office sensation shooting himself in the foot.  I think that the How to Stay Relevant and Credible Without Sabotaging Your Career In the Process memo went out and those two were the early recipients (they should have waited for the 2.0 version–all of the kinks would have been worked out). Watch out Denzel, Dr. Phil and John Travolta. If you receive spam e-mail with the subject heading reading:  How To Stay Relevant …–delete it immediately and keep it moving.  Trust me nothing good will come of it.  Ha!

Though I was never a fan of Maria  (whining voice and mediocre journalist), I have always admired her passion for “women’s issues”, her concern for the physically and mentally challenged, her open-minded world views (the Special Olympics AND the Peace Corps–The Family Business), her love of family and her dedication to friendship (she seems like a great “sister-girlfriend”).  But  in spite of her impressive CV I just wasn’t tuned into her story.  Not until last week that is.  I am feeling her AND. . .   

Apparently I care  enough about the matter that I offer up a post  about a person and an issue that are both foreign to me.  Aside from our childhood summers on the Cape (the Rainbow Hotel for me–The Family Compound for Maria) and our bond as wives, mothers and professional women, Maria and I have nothing more in common.  But given the circumstances the Wife and Mother Bond will suffice . . .

When the Political-Hollywood power couple announced their amicable break-up last week we all expected something more.  After 25 years of marriage and  as a “woman of a certain age,” I recognize that  marriages (especially 25-year-old marriages) do indeed have their bell curves.   We knew–I knew that the other shoe was going to drop.  But did we/I expect that shoe to drop from up so high and to land so hard? 

Really.  Arnold.  An affair or liaison (we don’t know if it was a 20 year romance or a one night fling) with  a household staffer that 14 years ago resulted in the birth of a child?   A household staffer that remained with the Schwarzenegger family 6 years post child!  And yes.   Children are indeed a blessing; this Recovering Attorney is in no way looking askance at this innocent child.  The fault lies with the former governor and if the household staffer was a consenting participant–with the household staffer.   AND. . .

(UPDATE:  Radar On Line has identified the “household staffer” http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/05/arnold-schwarzenegger-mistress-revealed)  

We  can only imagine the close, personal 20 year  friendship/relationship that Maria and her family enjoyed with the staffer and the  child.  Heck, while living in Greenwich, Precious Child I had a nanny for a number of years and “Carole”  became one of my confidants and BFF(s).  During that time in my young motherhood Carole was one of my go-to persons for  everything!  I know how I would feel if Mr. Recovering Attorney and Carole had betrayed me in such a manner.  *My chest is puffing up even as I type the words*  Thankfully, the only problem I had with Carole was that after she prepared dinner for Mr. Recovering Attorney and me in the morning, she would help herself to the same dinner by lunchtime (I kid you not!).  We worked that out and she remained with my family until we moved  from Greenwich *sigh* (I honestly tried to get her to move with us) and to this day we sometimes refer to Precious Child I as “Lindo Lindo”–Carole’s pet name for my son.  So I guess I am truly feeling Maria’s pain.

It’s hard playing the role of The Good Wife http://www.cbs.com/primetime/the_good_wife/ (CBS and Julianna Margulies have that role on lock) and it’s apparent that Maria was no longer willing to play it.  Good for Maria!   She will Recover, she will Grow and she will Re-Invent–that’s what we women do!  Do we have a choice?

The Recovering Attorney

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  1. Angela Hall-Richards Says:

    I was livid upon seeing this in the news. This is the ultimate betrayal. I honestly can’t imagine how this woman could live with herself and continue to remain on staff. My heart goes out to Maria and the children.

  2. Well, Angela. I hope that you are sitting down. But there are reports claiming that Arnold has fathered more children (6??) out of wedlock! And yes–the maid has indeed betrayed this family–as did Arnold. Thanks for the comment. Do please visit again:)

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