Kate Middleton is a Copy-Kate?, or, Off-Topic Tuesday

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Continuing this week’s postings of inane and Off-Topic subjects in honor of the world (as we know it) coming to an end–The Recovering Attorney is throwing her “fasinator” into the ring.  The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) has not only crossed the pond, but The Recovering Attorney and the Un-Blog(tm) are actually drinking the kool-aid tea  (Darjeeling tea, of course) and posting about it!: . . . . . . .Oh how I wish The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) was alive and well when Prince Charles and Camilla wed.  My parents, Mr.Recovering Attorney, Precious Children I & II and I were on holiday in London a week before the nuptials–it would have been fun to “chat” with my Dear Readers about how the British people and press could basically care less about that event—-but I digress. 

Back to the post at hand…

Many of us waited with baited breath.  We awoke at the crack of dawn.  Some even had champagne glasses in hand, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and mini tiaras for all.  Some parties were lavish (hey, George!) and others, like mine,  a party of one and a half (Precious Child II dipped in my bedroom for a quick peek and went right back to dreamland–smart child). 

For most of us it was all about The Dress.  What exquisite one-of-a-kind creation would the future Queen of the British Empire (not much of an empire today–the 13 Original Colonies–India–parts of the Caribbean and Africa–gone) be wearing?   Anticipation. . . . . . .

The doors of the Rolls open and out steps the soon to be former “commoner.”  WAIT A MINUTE!  Stop the Presses!  No, Really!  Are my eyes deceiving me?  There’s something about That Dress.  Is it possible?  Is this a “been- there- done- that- and- I- have -the- Union Jack- tee-shirt- to prove it moment?  It is!!!!

Serious Royal Watchers (and apparently not just British royal watchers–I mean truly watchers of all persons and things royal–think the Belgium crown watchers) have seen That Dress before!

The current Princess of Belgium, Isabella, was the first to borrow from American born Princess Caroline of Monaco when she wore “That Dress I” to wed her Belgian prince in 2009.  The similarities of Princess Kate’s dress and Princess Isabella’s dress are telling.  From the neckline, train, sleeves and tiaras–you have eyes–just look at the pictures!

 The designer of Kate’s dress is officially “mum” and the Belgian designer of Isabella’s dress is behaving like a good loyal subject and has not uttered a word–confidentiality agreements are soooo powerful.  As for Princess Isabella, niece of embattled Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, her comment on the striking similarities:  “Kate has great taste!”  Well said Princess Isabella– well said.  After all, Kate’s kingdom is far bigger than your kingdom (even minus the 13 Colonies, India, parts of the Caribbean and Africa)!

Now the real vexing question that  “women of a certain age” AND the  younger sisterhood  want answered is:  Who wore it best?  Ha!

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