What Makes a Man Hot?,or, A Public Service Message for the Younger Sisterhood!

Now that we have learned that the world is coming to an end on May 21st.   Yes, this May 21st–Saturday.  I think that now is just as good a time as any to examine some of those vexing issues that have clouded our minds since forever.  You know the concerns that we have pushed to the proverbial back burner because we had more important things in which to ponder. 

In recognition of the world coming to an end sooner than later, all this week, The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm) will post about those inane topics that many women wish to have answered by those who have eithered experienced such events and issues, wrote a New York Times Best Seller( http://www.nytimes.com/best-sellers-books/overview.html) on the subject, had an insightful conversation with someone, read an informative post or article on the www. and or bumped into a passerby who just looked knowledgeable on the matter at hand.  

Truth is that we “women of a certain age” have lived and we just simply wisht to pass on some useful pointers to our younger sisterhood to make use on Sunday, May 22, 2011 and in the future.    And . . . 

True.  Many of us have had these discussions with our girlfriends, male friends and even our spouses.  So.  No.  Nothing groundbreaking and earth shattering (well let’s wait until the 21st) with some of the upcoming topics.   What might be new is the fact that The Recovering Attorney and her many Dear Readers will be pondering these age-old questions, queries and “How To(s)”, “What Makes” and “Why(s)” on the http://www.  That’s new.  For me at least.  Please indulge. . .

Here we go–The Recovering Attorney’s perspective on What Makes a Man Hot? 

1.  Confidence  and Intelligence.   All.Day.Every.Day

2.  Self-Assurance AND Reliability

3.  Virility.  Yes, that good old-fashion word meaning strength (physical and mental  i.e. ability to carry his entire family including The Dog out of a burning building) and masculinity (personally, because I am a “woman of a certain age”  I don’t do to well with metrosexuals and highmays *high maintenance men*–I will save that for women who came of age in the late 1990s and beyond)

4.   Clean, white teeth (dental insurance mandatory)

5.  Self-Supportive and the ability to provide for and maintain a family– infallible work ethic with a workable Plan “B” thru “Z”, mandatory

6.  Overall superior hygiene habits (solid grooming habits that were preferably learned in grade school and perfected by sophomore year in college)–the fresh clean smell of lemons always a plus

7.  Banging body (it’s all in the chest, arms and legs  for this Recovering Attorney) and if the body is not banging–the ability to recognize that and work on it.  The ability AND desire to wear age appropriate and event appropriate attire at all times (If you are headed to the game– A-Town caps okay–if you must, *sigh*.  If you are headed to dinner and the restaurant offers a coat check and there are  white, freshly starched table linens–Yankee caps not okay.  Period and  no short sets and matching ‘gators.  Never. Ever-Not even in Detroit.  Sorry Detroit.  I know that you are having a rough time at it–but still–NO!

7a.  Hair neatly groomed at all times unless he just completed the installation of a water heater, backyard retaining wall OR he just finished rough housing with the children.  The sweaty, “bed hair” look a definite plus.  Ha!

8.  Ability to laugh early and often (sometimes at himself–a plus)

9.  If he’s fortunate to be a father–he’s an unwavering Dad

10.  Loves his wife and family with every fiber of his being

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm).  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!


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