The Un-Blog(tm) has found it’s niche…!,or, The Recovering Attorney is a Cultural Commentator

Two words.  Cultural.  Commentator.  That’s it!  I believe I have found my niche. 

I have spent the past several days exploring The Recovering Attorney Blog and it appears as if I have an opinion on just about all things.  After I purposely ignored my typos, grammatical and syntax errors (it’s a Blog–not a dissertation–get over it.  Ha!), I have reached the conclusion that my confident, chatty, opinionated, witty, savvy and somewhat naive (I’ll “own” it) commentaries on:  politics, motherhood, real estate, education, career, fashion and style, travel, theatre and things entertainment, womanhood of a certain age, Blogging, interior design, humor, love and marriage, popular culture and life in general (I think that I’ve covered it all–you think?) has led me to this place and space…so yeah, for now Cultural Commentator feels right–it feels authentic.   

The un-mommy, the un-interior design, the un-political; the un-lifestyle blog has a direction, a focus… 

The Recovering Attorney Blog–the Un-Blog(tm) has found its niche and like a crisp, white button down white shirt with the obligatory popped collar–it feels good!  

Here We Go!!

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney Un-Blog(tm).  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!

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