It’s Official: The Recovering Attorney is Going Inactive, or, Will She Post Tomorrow? Read on for the deets…

I have given this decision to go inactive a lot of thought.  I’ve talked it over with Mr. Recovering Attorney–my sage, my soothsayer, my wiseMan.  His response:  “Do what is best for you and as always I will support you.”  Kind and sincere words for sure–but honestly?–no help.  Thanks my wiseMan.  Ha! 

Back to square one.  

Like any attorney worthy of her or his exorbitant (yet justified–I am still a card carrying member of the club) hourly fee, I’ve weighed the pros and cons.  Pros:  x, y and z.  Cons:  x.  So there you have it.  The Pros won and…  It’s official.  The Recovering Attorney, as of May 10, 2001, is inactive…

That is *“Inactive” with the State Bar.  A reversible status that I’ve elected to take.  And no.  I wasn’t disbarred.  I wasn’t reprimanded and nor was I censured.  I simply decided to make it official.  I decided to “own” the fact that for now– at this stage in my life–  I simply have no desire to practice law.  And yes.  It was a tough call for me to make.  It took seven years.  Countless hours and exams to earn my title and my licenses.  And all it took for me to elect to go “inactive”  was a four sentence e-mail to the membership section on the State Bar’s website.  As we say in New York:  “Go figure.”   

( After all,   I haven’t practiced law since I fired myself.  I had a succesful solo practice but I simply grew tired of complete strangers walking into my office and expecting me to solve their problems.  Heck, I have my own problems!)

Oh, you thought I was shutting down The Recovering Attorney Blog?  No way.  I told you that during this sabbatical that Mr. Recovering Attorney has so graciously granted me–I have to a least appear busy.  The Recovering Attorney Blog is my cover and you Dear Readers are my new BFFs.  And I am hoping for more than just a six month BFF- friendship (please see the March 29, 2011 post).  Ha!

I thank you for your continued support and I will “see” you tomorrow on The Recovering Attorney Blog,

The Recovering Attorney 

 *My “inactive” status is purely elective and at the click of my mouse–I am “active” again.  But for now–winning!

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney Blog.  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!

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