Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Just Because You Can Should You?

I don’t know about you but I am apprehensive about  all of these internet sites that allow just any random  person to find out your name (full government name), rank and  serial number with just a click of the mouse.  And True.  Since the publication of the first Yellow and White Pages way back when some of our personal information– always been up for grabs.  All  we needed was a quasi spelling of someone’s last name and we would let our fingers do the walking.  But at least as private citizens we could always, for a small fee, request an unlisted number circumventing the publication of our particulars in those huge directories.   But today we are in a whole new world of what is more commonly known as the world wide web of loss  privacy and  innocence.  (Of course when you blog, tweet, use Facebook and wish to be LinkedIn–you are saying to the world:  “Hey, I’m over here do stop by and read all about me–so we can’t complain about some of our loss privacy and innocence).  And I don’t care how many “Opt Out” forms you faithfully fill out each year–if you are receiving “Opt Out” forms from your creditors, bankers or insurers–too late–you have been made and you are In!

And I know that Life Lesson Number 5,285 (or better known as “Knowledge is Power” if you forget the Life  Lesson Number) is a mantra that many of us have been taught early and often by our parents and teachers.  However, is all knowledge created equal?   I mean really…

Do you want or need to know how much your sister paid for her Upper East Side two bedroom two and one half bath condo in a coveted pre-war doorman building?  And once you find out the purchase price and you close your mouth from sheer shock and disbelief–you had no idea she was living that large do you now want to know if she’s current on her monthly maintenance fees?  OR. Do you wish to verify the square footage of the senior partner’s home?   You have heard from those in the know that the home is large enough to staff the entire Washington, D.C. satellite office. OR. Are you willing to go “Magnum P.I.” to find out if the guy you just started dating  is the real deal? (I am thinking probably YES!–so, yeah the www. is definitely a great tool in this modern age of self-aggrandizement and puffery–but I digress)?  Or do you feel the need to know where you new neighbors resided before they arrived on your leafy cul-de-sac?  If you answered a resounding yes to any of these queries, then please read on.  If the answer is no, then you passed the test–it’s official–you are not a voyeur and feel free to explore The Recovering Attorney Blog for my modern, (over)indulgent and mundane musings on a sundry of other topics.  Let’s continue on voyeurs. . .

Well much to my surprise I learned from surfing the www. that there are websites that will readily tell you:  a person’s salary, their relationship status, their street address including home phone number, how much they paid for their home, how long they have owned said home, the names and ages of  those residing in the home, a person’s previous addresses and their political affiliations including their donations to named candidates!   As Precious Child II would say:  Scary!

You can find out all of the above information and so much more (think number of baths, bedrooms, acreage, or lack thereof, in-ground pool or not, aerial photos of the backyard–and I’m not talking–you can find out this information without the home being on the market). For Free.  No registration and no sharing of personal information (ironic, right?) required.   All you need is a computer and a desire. ( Many people have gotten into trouble for having a computer AND a desire–but again, I digress.  Ha!)  But just because you can should you?


P.S.:  Caution.  Some of the personal information provided on some sites- 60%-85% accuracy rate.

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2 Responses to “Off-Topic Tuesday, or, Just Because You Can Should You?”

  1. I believe if anyone wants to find out anything, depending on their resources, they can and will find it.

  2. I agree. “We” have been digging in folks personal business since J.Edgar Hoover. The problem is now anyone with a computer and time on their hands can find out EVERYTHING about you. Scary! And thanks for the kind words about my blog!

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