Poppin’ Collars and Feeling Good!

Often I talk about remaining “visible” (please see the “Rock It Don’t Stop It, or, The Un-Invisible Woman  Post ).  When you are a woman of a certain age, remaining visible is important (yes, it’s my hang-up and I “own”it).  As women there is a part of us that 1. like to be “wanted” by men and 2. like to be considered relevant by women.  Even if you have been married for twenty years or if you recently met the love of your life six months ago–there still exist a need in most women to remain modern, stylish and dare I say desirable.  Even if you are not physically or emotionally available!  And by desirable I am not suggesting the penchant for slaying men as you traverse the aisles of Whole Foods.  Desireable meaning the knowing smile from an equally modern, stylish woman of a certain age or a nod of approval and appreciation from a dapper (yes, I said dapper–I am over forty!) and distinguished looking man.  Twenty-five, thirty-five, forty-five or fifty-five, most women wish to leave a positive lasting impression on those we meet, greet or just merely encounter on any given day.  AND. . .

Since embarking on The Recovering Attorney” Blog  journey, I have had a few Dear Readers inquire as to how should a “woman of a certain age” dress in order to maintain her visibility AND appear age appropriate, modern as well as stylish.  Oh, how I love the easy questions:

For me, The Recovering Attorney, the answer to that query–Four Words– “Poppin’ Crisp White Collars.”  That’s it!  There is just something about a crisp, fitted, button-down white shirt with a “popped prep collar.”  Classic.  Timeless. Elegant. Iconic.   To be worn with a pair of dark, straight  legged jeans, a classic navy blue blazer (think Ralph Lauren or Philip Lim if you need more of an edge ), a pair of ballet flats (think Chanel patent black toe with a cream vamp), a logo free handbag (think Prada or Bottega Veneta), a pair of large diamond hoop earrings (or large bold gold knockers), and a simple strand of pearls( adorned with a large gold or gemstone visible clasp or bow), your time piece, a few gold bangles or one bold cuff, a fresh manicure, a colorful scarf or wrap, and a pair of aviators (it does not matter if the weatherman is predicting rain).   There, you are done!  This look can take you to the MOMA or Met, to a parent teacher conference, to a meeting with your attorney, your Realtor (for that tour of the historic Harlem brownstone)  a Broadway matinée, to Paris (first class seat of course), lunch with your ladies or your Favorite Guy, a stroll on Madison Avenue or even a trip to the Oscars when you pair the crisp white shirt with an opera length satin finished skirt (think Sharon Stone)!

(Please do feel free to add or subtract from my template.  Express your individuality–but don’t stray too far from home!).

Brooks Brothers white shirt                  

The Poppin’ Crisp White Collar (among other things of course!) leaves me feeling Confident, Authentic and “Visible.”  And what man, woman or child can resist a person who is enjoying her look, the moment and life!

Have A Great Weekend,

The Recovering Attorney

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