Stuff That (Most) People Hate, or, In the Alternative, Stuff That (Most) People Strongly Dislike

With The Recovering Attorney Blog being the UN-BLOG(tm) I really should not step my rather large big toe into the rapid, rabid waters of American politics.  There are many worthy blogs and newspapers that intelligently handle the daily comings and goings of all things political. 

But I just.  I must.  I gotta wade in the water.  I think you know where I am going . . .Now I can post a missive decrying the sociopolitical events of April 27, 2011.  But I will exercise restraint.  Many respected commentators have handled the matter with the dignity and aplomb that I have come to expect.  However, like many I have had the conversations, commented on blogs, I have read the comments of others and I have had to explain the true meaning of the events to Precious Child II.  I thought that I was done.  I thought that the sadness (yes, sadness) had subsided.  I thought that the remnants of my anger (yes, anger) was put to rest when I had that extra-wide slice of chocolate cake after my healthy salmon entrée.  But I was soooo wrong.

Because I refer to The Recovering Attorney Blog as among other things modern, I got to get my $0.02 in before,  given the nature of the American news cycle, this sociopolitical event becomes–history– albeit unpleasant history:

Stuff  That Most People (okay me) Dislike (“Hate” is such a strong word)

1.  Double Standards

2.  Uneven Playing Fields (Not a good thing in soccer or in life)

3.  Fasle Pride

4.  Feigned Equality

5.  Feigned Innocence

6.  Feigned Tolerance

7.  Feigned Intelligence

8.  Disguised Bigotry (I prefer to know a person’s “politics.”  “Own” it.  It just makes life easier)

9.  Bigotry

10.  Liars, Lies AND Slanderous Statements

11.  Ignorance

12.  Blowhards AND Buffoons

13.  Carnival Barkers ( I apologize to all of the certified, authorized, legitimate, hard-working carnival barkers–so not all barkers)

14.  Clowns (please see #13)

15.  Orange “Tans”

16.  Shameless (endless) Self-Promoters

17.  Hair Comb-Overs

18.  New Yorkers originally from one of the “Outer Boroughs” who lack the confidence to “own” that fact (me, Manhattan born and raised)

19.  Racists AND

20.  Donald John Trump. 

And for the record, like many native New Yorkers, you could not sell and or give  me a Trump condo, bottle of Trump water (I believe no longer in production), membership in a Trump golf club or a Trump necktie (made in China necktie, BTW).   And that was before the unfortunate events of April 27, 2011.  Ha!

COPYRIGHT 2011.  The Recovering Attorney Blog.  All Rights Reserved.  And I will sue.  Ha!


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  1. Like all your other posts, well written and comical. This one was an extremely fun read.

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately, this post came way too easy for me.

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